I’m not a morning (photography) person.  In the morning, I am usually pretending to be too busy doing stuff to be wasting my time taking photos.  So consequently when I checked my photo archive for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge — Morning, my morning photos were few and far between.  I normally start to take a few photos around midday, you know, to further avoid actually doing anything “productive”.  My photography tempo picks up early afternoon, peaking between 3.30pm and sunset.  That’s because by 3.30pm, I’ve convinced myself that it is now too late to actually do anything concrete, for example, like starting work on whatever art project I happen to be contemplating at the time. 

My favourite avoidance morning activity is to read a few blogs and drink coffee (several).  However, my True Love has now taken over my pretend work space (the kitchen table) as his home office.  Consequently, I now have to drink my morning coffee outside, usually on the front doorstep, and since I need something to do with my hands, I take my camera with me and pretend, like, I’m a photographer or something.  Here are some rare morning photos of a few shady characters in hi-vis and some words to go with them.

Drinking coffee and admiring flowers in the morning.

hidden treasure

Quietly hold my breath and hope no one walks past.
Juvenile Eastern Rosella drops by for breakfast.
Where have you been all my life?

eastern juvenileej2

Parental supervision a must. Keeps a low profile at first.


Ready, set, go.  Charge it up.
Colours of the rainbow.


Brightens my morning.  Absolute joy to behold.
Worth taking photos in the morning.


My True Love took some photos of crimson rosellas the other morning.  However, unlike eastern rosellas, crimson rosellas are really afternoon birds.  They glow in the setting sun.  Another time maybe.

Kind Regards.


65 thoughts on “The Early Bird

  1. Beautiful images Tracy and what a lovely bird. It’s definitely worth it taking your camera out in the morning! 💖 xxx

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  2. Beautiful photos Tracy. We occasionally catch a glimpse of the iridescent transient hummingbirds. A flash of colour…and gone.

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  3. OMG so wonderful, wonderful beautiful!
    I wish we had such beautiful and colorful birds here!

    Best regards from Hamburg

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    1. Thank you, Su. It was so nice to see those pink flowers doing so well after a little rain. They are planted in the garden bed of death. I wasn’t expecting the parrots to visit. Nice to know what they like to eat!
      I hope your garden centres open soon. They must have built up lots of stock over the last few months.


  4. Love your morning views, flowers and colourful birds – what more is there to ask for? Excellent shots and your morning procedure sounds just like mine…avoiding things I should be doing. Finding proof and convincing myself I am doing the right thing… It is just that I can only sit outdoors when it is warmer – today and yesterday the first opportunities this year.
    Wishing you a harmonious week, Tracy!

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    1. Turned out to be a perfect day for some garden watching, Ann-Christine. It is getting chilly on the front door step now in the mornings. It got down to 1c this morning. I may need to take a blanket with me in future. 🙂
      I hope you have a good spring and get to enjoy your garden. It will be nice to be out in the fresh air again.
      Wishing you a harmonious week too, Ann-Christine.


    1. Hello. Thank you for visiting. No, I don’t wake up to such beautiful birds all the time. It was an unusual occurrence, but a very welcome one. Not quite utopia, but in that moment, it certainly felt like it. 🙂 Glad I could share these beautiful birds with you.

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  5. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, Tracy, as you paint your day in a humourous & endearing way.

    I hear you on having to modify and make do with changes in flow of activities in the home. How wonderful that you have a new coffee nook with such a pretty and entertaining view. Thank you for sharing a glimpse with us.

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  6. What a cutie! Great photos too. I have been doing a lot of morning photography recently too but because I like to be out there before next door’s kids start shrieking. Also I am working from home so feel I must be chained to the computer from 9am. And – amazingly for the UK – unbroken sunshine for weeks has given us rather harsh light for much of the day!

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    1. You won’t want to go back to work when this is all over, Darren. It would probably be a good thing for the planet if more people could work from home. I like my quiet time in the morning, checking out the garden, talking to the birds, etc. 🙂
      Grey is definitely better for flower photography. Well, IMO, but what would I know. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your photos, Darren.


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