Tracy lives in Australia.  She is passionate about her family, the environment and her dogs.  She is a Type 1 diabetic of almost 50 years duration, and has now retired so she can take better care of herself.  Managing her condition keeps her pretty busy, but in her spare time, which is hardly ever, she is a mosaic artist and mischief maker.  Tracy’s mind remains as untidy as ever (a bit like her house really).  She is interested in what makes people tick, and her blog will explore this and much more.

2ofusTracy is a small ‘t’ traveller and she likes to hunt out the quirky and unusual, collecting stories and drinking coffee as she goes.  The views in this blog are purely her own.  Tracy does not accept freebies or financial incentives for writing the occasional review.


Oh, there may be an expletive or two on this site.  And if anyone needs a translation of an Aussie colloquialism, please let her know.