The Changing Seasons – December 2018

It is a bit late for my December Changing Seasons post, but better late than never.

I think I am glad to see the back of December.  It was such a hot, steamy month.  Nevertheless, a month of storms meant it was very productive in the garden.  Hence, we had many visitors of the feathered kind. Read more


To photograph or not to photograph?  The other week a tree fell on a house in my suburb.  It did considerable damage.  No one was hurt.  It would have made an interesting photo, but I don’t take photos of other people’s misfortunes.  On the other hand, it is not my intention to completely sanitise my blog to focus on only the positive. Read more

Trip The Light Fantastic

This is my response to the Lens-Artists Weekly Photo ChallengeMagical Light.  Join me for a photo journey of light across the seasons.

In Australia, our light can be very harsh.  Generally, if the light is too harsh for photography, it is too harsh for me.  Nevertheless, I understand intuitively that different colours require different light, and that some colours create their own light. Read more