Reprise from August 2019 – the start of the fires on the east coast of Australia that traumatised a nation.

I don’t know why my husband and I felt compelled to stop at the old cemetery on that blustery day.  We certainly didn’t go there to take photos.  So maybe it was intuition, a guiding hand.  The power of the robin.  He.  Red-capped robin.

That first time we saw him, he was merrily alone.  He gave us a grand tour of the facilities and we felt at peace.  We returned the following week.  He was still there.  This time with a lady bird.  We returned a further two more times.  On the third occasion, the lady robin was nowhere to be seen, but he – red capped robin – was as welcoming as ever.  He had picked up another friend, a shy yellow-rumped thornbill.  Wherever the robin went, the thornbill followed.  It really was extraordinary to see them do their merry dance.  On our last visit, the red-capped robin was gone.  The raptors had moved in.  I do not presume that the wee bird met his maker, but I shan’t let that get in the way of a good poem.  Photos courtesy of my True Love.

Wing And A Prayer

winter visitor arrives unannounced
in the sleepy part of town

rcr3 (1)
gathers his ecclesiastical robes and acolytes around
to sup from the eternal fountain of grace
gifted benedictions

  judges not by riches or mental state
nor dwells on sins of mortal men
lives in the moment — not for all time —
dons his vestments with a flourish, a saintly wave
more apparition than godly bird

no tomorrows, no parting glass
yours only to ponder his divinity
his sacrifice, his lonely fate

His End

wedge-tailed eagle feather

A beautiful song for a beautiful bird. [Nicky Mehta performing her song, Arlington.]

Kind Regards.

62 thoughts on “He – Red Capped Robin

  1. I love your response to the prompt serene. Such a beautiful guide you had, I’m sure he moved on, and left his feather so you would always have something to remember him by…then again maybe not!

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    1. Thanks so much, Heather. That is a wedge-tailed eagle feather that we found there. My family tells me wedgies wouldn’t bother with such tiny birds. But we also saw a butcherbird there and for it, little gallivanting birds are definitely on the menu.

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  2. Beautiful images Tracy and what a sweet feathered guide 🙂💜 Thank you so much for sharing the lovely Wailing Jennies song too and we hope the robin found a safe place to stay 💖🍀 xxx

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  3. I love the brightly coloured little robins you have over there. True to form ours is cute but not colourful. ‘True Love’ did a great job! Thanks to you both for this lovely post.

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      1. I’m glad to hear that Tracy. I just use a really ordinary cellphone to take my photos but it’s still so much fun! Would need a much better camera to get nice bird shots 🙂


  4. I agree with Tina – they meet both challenges beautifully. Gorgeous shots of the beautiful bird(s) and a so sad little story. Thank you so much for an excellent take on this!

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  5. Oh you were so fortunate to see these charming birds, and I love your poem. Ecclesiastical robes…just wonderful. As are the photos which are so clear with excellent detail. I do so hope the robin has merely found another serene place to spend his time.

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    1. Thanks Jane. Sometimes the poems write themselves with the inspiration I get from the creatures. 🙂 I was so happy to make his acquaintance. I’m hoping he went down the hill a little further where there is better cover.


  6. The two single shot of Robin captured it from the front were more than just beautiful. How did you manage them catching it with details, particularly its face expression? You and the robin certainly communicated through as each other!

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  7. Your posts are all so lovely, Tracy, like an elixir of serenity and beauty for the soul. Mine always feels superbly nourished after visiting your blog. Add this beautiful robin and I’m in heaven. ❤

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