Where Am I?

Dear Readers, this is just a short post to let you know I continue to be persona non grata at the moment, meaning that my comments on your wonderful blogs are ending up as spam, or in some cases, are just disappearing into the ether.  I know not why, but if you have been wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately, please do check your spam folders.  If I’m not there, but exist somewhere else in the cloud mists of the internet, please know that I am with you in spirit, and that I will continue to talk to myself as it were, as I am quite certain that you would not deliberately ignore my very polite comments.


How mysterious!  What is equally mysterious is that my phone’s photo software has been updated and now I no longer look like myself.  When taking a selfie, which I hardly ever do except if it is to show off some ridiculous beanie that I’ve purchased, the phone re-shapes my face (makes it thinner) and irons out the wrinkles.

Check out this photo.  I look like some animé character that is about ten years old.  This is the last that you will see of me, except of course if I have any further admin notices.


Kind Regards.

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How Fabulous is Deborah Conway?

Day 30 — Share Your Music: 30 Days, 30 Songs

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve made it to the end of the 30 Days, 30 Songs challenge.  It has been epic.  My special thanks go to my friend, Sarah, of Art Expeditions, for hosting the challenge and to all those who contributed their favourite songs.  My thanks also go to my readers for the enthusiasm they have shown for my music choices.  I have tried to give a balanced representation of the songs that have touched my heart.  Not easy to do in the space of 30 songs/tunes.

On the drive home from an outing today, my husband and I got chatting about great concerts we had seen, which then turned into a conversation about the great concert we missed due to a medical emergency (mine).  Anyway that concert was a Deborah Conway / Willy Zygier concert.  At that moment, I decided my final song choice would be Man Overboard by 80s Aussie rock band, Do Re Mi – with Deborah Conway singing lead vocals.

Man Overboard was co-written by band members: Deborah Conway, Dorland Bray, Helen Carter and Stephen Philip.  It is song writing at its gritty best.  Man Overboard is about women putting up with men’s shit.  Well, that’s how I interpret it.  

I’ve included two clips of the song.  The first clip tells the story in song and pictures, and has the best sound quality.  The second clip includes the lyrics.  All I can say is how good were Do Re Mi, and how good is Deborah Conway!  Maybe she and her partner, Willy Zygier, will come back to Canberra again.  I hope so, otherwise I will never hear the end of it.


The incredibly talented Sarah of Art Expedition has hosted 30 Days, 30 Songs for the month of June.  You can see her latest and last post here.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is your final opportunity to participate in the challenge.  Please join in if you are so inclined.

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Standing Up For Peace

Day 29 — Share Your Music: 30 Days, 30 Songs

Music — it represents the sum of our lives.  Think of any aspect of human emotion or endeavour and there has probably been a song written about it.  Songs can unite or divide.  Just as there are war songs, there are also songs of protest and peace.  I prefer to call the latter, songs of kindness.   Every year I feel the love at Canberra’s National Folk Festival.  It is there that I first heard many of the songs that I have shared over the 30 days of this music challenge.  This year I had the very great privilege to attend the Festival’s Concert for Peace.  The concert was a call to action and an opportunity to honour the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (otherwise known as ICAN). Read more

What The Funk!

Day 28 — Share Your Music: 30 Days, 30 Songs

Ladies and gentlemen, I am up to the penultimate post to the penultimate post of the 30 Days, 30 Songs challenge.  Yes, just three days to go.  I’ll keep it short and sweet.  I watched one of my favourite comedy shows this week and the comedians made the point that:

The incredibly talented Sarah of Art Expedition is hosting 30 Days, 30 Songs for the month of June.  You can see her latest post here.  Casual players welcome to join in the big countdown to the end of the month.

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Reveling In Ravel

Day 27 — Share Your Music: 30 Days, 30 Songs

Fond memories, ladies and gentlemen.  Ravel’s Introduction and Allegro for Harp, Clarinet, Flute and Strings brought to an end my classical phase.  I re-visit it every now and then.  What could be more beautiful?  Hear the instruments sing.

The incredibly talented Sarah of Art Expedition is hosting 30 Days, 30 Songs for the month of June.  You can see her latest post here.  There are only three days left to join in the challenge.  All welcome.

Kind Regards.