He – Red Capped Robin

I don’t know why my husband and I felt compelled to stop at the old cemetery on that fateful blustery day.  Maybe it was our shared sense of impending doom.  Maybe we were tempting fate.  We certainly didn’t go there to take photos.  So maybe it was intuition, a guiding hand.  The power of the robin.  He.  Red-capped robin. Read more

The Changing Seasons – July 2019

July — Winter.  Fade to red.

I am the first to admit that July almost always represents the winter of my soul (not discontent; that would be going too far).  At this time of year my mind tends to dwell on the negative and by some unconscious impulse, I dress in mourning.  This year my existential July crisis has been exacerbated by some serious hypoglycemia incidents that I have suffered, leaving me wondering each night whether this will be the time I don’t wake up in the morning.  So I often don’t go to bed.  That’s tiring and ineffective.  My little dog also requires a full-time carer.  (That’s another story.  Also tiring).

You know that feeling when you are so tired that you think it wouldn’t be so bad if you died but, at the same time, you want to cling on to dear life because your family, friends and animals need you?  It is a conundrum.  (My apologies, ladies and gentlemen, this is turning out rather more solemn than I expected.  Also, Martha Kennedy has written a blog like this recently.  Bear with me.)  By some other unconscious impulse, I seek sanctuary outdoors.  Made glorious by the sun and wind.  (Sorry.  I couldn’t resist).  What did I learn? Read more

Our Home Away From Home Local

Our friends wonder why we don’t move to the country since my husband and I seem to spend more time in a neighbouring country town than we do in our own city.  Sometimes I wonder this myself.  I grew up in the country so I get a bit nostalgic for the “country life”.  However, we can enjoy both worlds, town and country, as it is only a 20 minute drive to our favourite country market. Read more

Dream Lover

When I first started blogging, I realised I had to take some photos to accompany my words.  Now, after nearly two years of blogging (how is that possible?), I search for words to accompany my photos.  This blogging business has also re-ignited my True Love’s passion for his own photography.  He hasn’t been this happy in a long time.  Maybe we will find what we are looking for someday. Read more

How Fabulous is Deborah Conway?

Day 30 — Share Your Music: 30 Days, 30 Songs

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve made it to the end of the 30 Days, 30 Songs challenge.  It has been epic.  My special thanks go to my friend, Sarah, of Art Expeditions, for hosting the challenge and to all those who contributed their favourite songs.  My thanks also go to my readers for the enthusiasm they have shown for my music choices.  I have tried to give a balanced representation of the songs that have touched my heart.  Not easy to do in the space of 30 songs/tunes.

On the drive home from an outing today, my husband and I got chatting about great concerts we had seen, which then turned into a conversation about the great concert we missed due to a medical emergency (mine).  Anyway that concert was a Deborah Conway / Willy Zygier concert.  At that moment, I decided my final song choice would be Man Overboard by 80s Aussie rock band, Do Re Mi – with Deborah Conway singing lead vocals.

Man Overboard was co-written by band members: Deborah Conway, Dorland Bray, Helen Carter and Stephen Philip.  It is song writing at its gritty best.  Man Overboard is about women putting up with men’s shit.  Well, that’s how I interpret it.  

I’ve included two clips of the song.  The first clip tells the story in song and pictures, and has the best sound quality.  The second clip includes the lyrics.  All I can say is how good were Do Re Mi, and how good is Deborah Conway!  Maybe she and her partner, Willy Zygier, will come back to Canberra again.  I hope so, otherwise I will never hear the end of it.


The incredibly talented Sarah of Art Expedition has hosted 30 Days, 30 Songs for the month of June.  You can see her latest and last post here.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is your final opportunity to participate in the challenge.  Please join in if you are so inclined.

Kind Regards.