I am posting this again in memory of my mum’s dog, Ashie.  He died today from a serious illness.  There is only one line and photo in this poem-ish photo-essay that relates to him, but it sums up this beautiful dog so well, at least in my opinion.  Farewell, lovely boy.  You will be missed.


When our family ventures out to our beautiful natural areas, we go slowly, for it is only then that nature’s hidden treasures are revealed.  We take out, what we carry in.  We tread lightly and with care.  There may be no houses, but we are nevertheless going into someone else’s home.  This is what we taught our children from a very young age.

Let’s see who is home today – in the rushes.


The little family is well camouflaged.  It is a Dusky Moorhen with her chick.  


The chick leaves the safety of its nest, but mum is not too far away.


The black swan and her signets weren’t expecting visitors.


But all is calm, so peace is soon restored.


Come out of there, Ash, and leave those ducks alone.  Ash is a farm dog.  He knows to not hurt the wildlife.

No comments necessary.

First published in 2018

23 thoughts on “Hidden In the Rushes

      1. 🙂 I have not had a water-loving dog in a long time. Molly liked body surfing but only the ocean. Kelly loved to body-surf, but I had to teach her. Truffle liked to fish in a pond. They were so fun to watch and be with in the water.

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  1. It’s like you live around the corner from me! I love the way you’re written this post. There’s a soothing quality to it. It almost reads like a children’s book.

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