It’s July so you know what that means. July is when the dedicated, hard-working hosts of the incredibly popular Lens-Artists Photo Challenge take a well earned break from their hosting duties and co-opt five guest hosts to take on this important responsibility. This week, Andre from My Blog – solaner is hosting the challenge and he has invited us to feel the summer vibe. It’s winter here in the Southern Hemisphere but I will try.

dust of summer sun
tongues lick orange flames
on blue horizon

Scoop of vanilla ice cream. Pour over creaming soda. Enjoy.*

Where did you go to my lovely? On that fateful day.

I tried to be stoic, ladies and gentlemen but, oh well. Winter is the new summer in Australia, at least until winter rolls around again.

Please join me right here on Saturday for the next Lens-Artists challenge on surrealism. I will be your guest host. I promise to be cheerier. The following week, Sarah of Travel With Me will invite us to share three favourite images. Please check out her blog.

Take care, everyone. Stay cool or warm, depending on your location.

Kind Regards.

*An ice cream float or ice cream soda (also known as a spider in Australia and New Zealand)

56 thoughts on “Lens-Artists: Summer Vibes

  1. Glad you explained the spider. I don’t know why but, it made me think of a story Larry told me about he and friend ordering milkshakes and his friend found a daddy long legs when he sucked on the straw! I wonder how the spider became known as an ice cream float?

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  2. Tracy, it must be difficult to find those summer vibes when you are experiencing winter. However, you did a great job. That spider is amazing. It doesn’t remind me of anything like a ice cream float.

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      1. That one is a funnel-web spider. I can’t tell if it’s the Sydney funnel-web, or the brown (less venomous, but more widely spread) funnel-web. Either way, I’d avoid that one (which comes from living in an area where they were rampant (yes, it was near Canberra), and having to cover all my shoes and boots with stockings to stop them getting into spots they shouldn’t).

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      2. A wolf spider has longer legs and more grey. And wolf spiders carry their babies on their backs! I found one in the house once and put it outside with all the littlies crawling all over her. I don’t think she appreciated it, but I’m not having them in the house.

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  3. Your images are beautiful. The tiny dragonfly on that yellow flower is magical! That spider…woah…that’s big. Great shot though!

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  4. Ya know…Brian gives us warnings. Not little ‘enjoy’ with asterisks! πŸ˜† The spider is really something, though. Is that a snake behind it? All of these photos are so pretty, Tracy. Even that darn spider. πŸ•·

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  5. OMG Tracy – I looked and looked at the “ice cream” and kept thinking “has she inserted the wrong image?” Thanks for the explanation! It’s a great image, as is the opener with the dragonfly.

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  6. I learn such fascinating things when I visit your space Tracy – so a Spider is not necessarily something to jump at …. well, unless it’s excitement over a cool, sweet refreshement!

    Love so much your flower/poem pairing – lots of heat there!

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  7. These are awesome, Tracy! So beautiful each one. But I have to comment on my favorite, the dragonfly! And his cute little face is mussed up with flower pollen! ❀❀❀ LOVE!

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  8. Thank you for the explanation, Tracy…I even feel I can “like” that spider…But the bird and the dragon fly are better for my nerves. Looking forward to your hosting!

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  9. I love all your photos for different reasons πŸ™‚ The spider is so well captured, I like his hairy legs and the detail of the spikes on each of them. The red bird is so colourful and bright despite looking rather wintery. But it’s the excellent dragonfly shot that just shouts summer!

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