Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

Would it be okay if I share a dog story with you rather than focus on the doom and gloom this week? I spend a lot of time thinking about the gloomy stuff and it is of no help to anyone. And yet, I did read a story on a Finnish innovation, a mega-sand battery to store green energy for when it is needed. Hooray, but I digress. Today, I was walking to the park when I saw this huge Siberian husky loping my way at speed.

He ran up to me, sniffed my leg and then ran off. I then realised no one was with him and I cursed myself for not grabbing hold of him while I could. I quickly returned home while the lad was occupied with my neighbour’s dogs and found some dog treats and a lead. He was loping everywhere as huskies on the loose often do. By now, he was wary that his break for freedom might soon be over given my interest in getting acquainted with him. However, the dog treats soon won him over. Thankfully my True Love was working from home today so, proof!

His name is Duke and he was soon reunited with his human, in which, of course, he also took great delight. Now, back to the music. It seems fitting that today’s Friday song is Take the A Train, performed by Duke Ellington and his orchestra. Betty Roche is the songtress. Enjoy.

Please continue to be your most compassionate self, everyone. Sometimes it does some good.

Kind Regards.

27 thoughts on “Going My Way?

  1. Duke is a very handsome boy! So glad you reunited him with his owner. Although I think I heard Ama was looking for a new playmate…
    Betty Roche is the songstress on this one. Great voice, too!

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    1. I’m always unsure when a big dog like that runs toward me but since I had no choice in the matter I decided to go with the flow. 🙂 We were fortunate that my neighbour’s dogs distracted him because there was no way we would have caught him otherwise. He seemed to float over the ground and he was on a mission.

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  2. Duke is so beautiful! When my huskies got out (led by Lily T. Wolf) they were also so glad to see me. It was crazy. I always said, “If you miss me so much why do you do that?” Jasmine and Cody wouldn’t run away, but Lily would and sometimes Cheyenne would follow her and then regret it. Ariel got out ONCE and then stood by the very place she’d jumped the fence and waited for me to come back from the store. Huskies are really a law unto themselves. I’m glad you caught this guy and his people arrived.

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  3. Oh, the wonderful Duke. The dog is gorgeous too. Not sure it’s Ella, Tracy, but I could be wrong.


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