This week I am joining in the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge which is hosted by a bunch of bright sparks, including guest host, Siobhan from Bend Branches. The theme for this week’s challenge is Glowing Moments. If you are keen on photo challenges, check out Siobhan’s post here.

My True Love has been taking some lovely photos lately, hence I thought I would showcase a few of his interesting (to me) photos. Let’s start with one of his recent arty farty shots.

Since I complained about the Blue-Banded Bee nipping me between my toes, my TL has been stalking these little creatures to get a nice close-up of their mandibles. Check ’em out. In the overall scheme of life, they are very small mandibles, built for respite and cause no lasting harm.

My TL has now gone a little insect crazy. Nothing wrong with that. He spotted a Tailed Emperor (Charaxes sempronius) in our garden. We’ve never seen one before so it was a pretty exciting moment. The Tailed Emperors are not rare but neither are they common. We learnt that they feed on fermenting fruit. Yum, yum.

My TL also set up a night trail camera in the backyard. The fig tree has been attracting a lot of critters, including Grey-Headed Flying Foxes. Can you see the flying fox’s eyes glowing in the dark?

I’ll finish off with one of my favourite, bittersweet, photos that he took in the summer of 2019.

Flame Robin – Namadgi National Park (2019)

We live in interesting times with interesting people. Perhaps I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Take care, everyone.

Kind Regards.

31 thoughts on “Glowing With Pride

  1. So good right from the start. Well done Mr. I have never seen a drunk butterfly but everything else I have know to have fermented fruit has ended up with the wobbles. Then again seeing how butterflies fly you wouldn’t be able to tell 😂

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  2. Nice close up of the bee’s mandibles. Sorry it has been using them to take samples from you. That’s cool you got a picture of the glowing-eyed bat! The flame robin is beautiful.

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  3. Beautiful photos by your TL, Tracy. I gotta crack down and get serious with my photography ‘skills” (😂🤣) instead of just goofing around with my photos. These are all seriously lovely.

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    1. Thanks, Anne. I extracted that flying fox photo from a 20 second video and in the process the image became a lot fuzzier. The video is 60MB so clearly too big to be posted. I’m glad you eventually found those eyes. The figs were also bright and round so a tad confusing.

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  4. I love this, Tracy. And the sinister mandibles of random insects? That is the source of my summer dread. If there were no deer flies, I’d look forward to it, but they have scissors for a mouth, they open a slit, they drink and drink and inject something evil and you don’t even know until the thing has swollen and hurts like the fires of hell.

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    1. Hee hee. Funny how we both posted on insects around the same time. I think I might stay inside all day to avoid those deer flies. Mosquitoes are so much sweeter by comparison. Our blue-banded bees rarely bite anyone, only when they are accidentally stepped on.

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  5. Visiting you never fails to bring a huge smile! This time is on account of that blue banded bee – so adorable! I am sorry it stung you in such a terrible place, but that close up?!!!

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  6. Fantastic selections, Tracy, and your TL grabbed some awesome shots of the blue-banded bee. Who knew they were that colorful and pretty, not me. But they also look a bit scary too. I too love the brilliant colored Robin. Love your selections. We do live in interesting times….don?t we?

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