For the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Environments. This week’s challenge is hosted by Tina. Thank you, Tina.


Sometime it is easy to forget that I live in the burbs. But then I return to reality.

However, I am soon cheered up by a change of scenery in the garden. Probably too subtle for some chaps.

I know this is a photo challenge but we definitely need a song. Let’s have a listen to LaTasha Lee singing Think On. Go, girl.

Be kind, everyone.

Kind Regards.

19 thoughts on “Positive Thinking

    1. It was probably thinking whether it could be bothered to hop away. 🙂 I knew a time would come for that song. It is nice to play it whenever I need a reminder. I am quite surprised by the way some people behave. I have had so many belittling comments since I started my volunteering work. Onwards!

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