I am busy, busy, busy but I want to stay calm, calm, calm, so I have elected busy and calm as my sub-theme for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Opposites.

Inspired by lens artists across the world, I have joined a botanical photography group. How weird (for me) is that? In order to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, I have chosen photos that I have taken for that group to share with you.

Here are some busy little birds – firstly, a busy photo of a silvereye getting a dusting of wattle pollen, and secondly, a speckled warbler in a more serene green. We also have a front and back view as an added contrast.

Sticking with the busy bird theme because it is spring in Australia, here is another busy photo, this time of a New Holland honeyeater. It was quick but I was quicker snapping its photo in this native mistletoe (probably Amyema miquelii, but I am no expert). Mr Magpie is always good for a photo. “Hope you’ve got my best side,” he says. It is a harmonious contrast, don’t you think?

Moving on to all things botanical, a beautiful sheoak (possibly Allocasuarina verticillata) caught and held my attention. The coppery flowers stood out in the fading light. Bucolic, eh? Contrast the woodland veiled in copper with a single stem of this nodding blue lily (Stypandra glauca) set in silver. Pure harmony in opposites.

That’s my lot for this week, ladies and gentlemen.

I’ll leave you with this quote by yours truly, “Stay calm, stay strong and negotiate.” That’s pretty good. Someone must have said that before.

Kind Regards.

PS. They are all my photos. I have to be a grown-up and take my own photos, rather than my True Love’s photos, to the photography group.

50 thoughts on “Lens-Artists – Opposites

  1. Tracy–you are so funny. Bucolic? Most definitely! These photos are all lovely–I especially like the blue lily. Beautiful composition. What a great group you have joined. We don’t have any photo clubs/groups like that here. I so wish we did.

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    1. Well, there you go. Lack of self-awareness. I didn’t know. But seriously, I amuse myself. 🤣 Lois, I will send you a card with the blue lily if I figure out how to make them.
      My second meeting is next week, Lois. It seems very informal which suits me perfectly. Maybe you could set up your own small fun snaps group?

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    1. Thank you, Margaret. I am glad you thought so. I had to make up some kind of sub-theme around the photos I had taken recently! When I am devoid of inspiration, I usually wait a few days to get ideas from others. 😮
      I hope I enjoy the group. I’ve only been once but I wasn’t frightened off so that is a good sign. It was like going to visit several blogs but only in person, in one place, at one time!

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  2. How great you are joining a photography group, Tracy! I wish we had such a group here as well. Good for you and I think for every photo enthusiast. And learning plants – good! Love your photos as usual, and the pairings. Your backgrounds are delicate and in lovely colours and light. A lovely post.

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    1. Thank you, Ann-Christine, for your lovely comment on my photos. It was rather difficult to get some of those photos, which is half the fun, don’t you think? 😊 I think the people in the group are all native plant enthusiasts first and photographers second. I like that.
      I suppose there are all types of groups where you live. The difficulty is how to find them.


      1. Sounds great, and I agree on the enthusiasts…! I am in several nature groups and biologist groups here, but there are no photo groups around in the vicinity. I have some problems with going away more than to the nearest town. For more than one reason. ..

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  3. Good for you Tracy!! I loved your opposites this week but I love it more that you joined the group. So looking forward to your efforts from your outings. Loved your little birds especially this week – with the honeyeater as my favorite.

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  4. I love the direction you went with opposites, Tracy. Harmonious indeed. Very cool that you joined a photography class. I love more that its with people who love native plants and can ID them and compare contrast…etc. (Plant nerd here ). You must love it! My favorite photo is of the lily. It is bright against the background, and definitely a contrast to the sheoak. Nice. Donna

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      1. Sometimes it is more to do with the light and the weather, especially when we’re taking pictures outside. But I am sure that you are more critical of your work than anyone else would be. 🙂

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  5. Busy and calm are opposite! It’s wise to stay calm while you are so busy.
    Love your images! Opposites, but beautifully captured, especially these birds. 🙂


  6. You are so funny, Tracy, “I have to be a grown-up and take my own photos” – but I hear you, so hurray!

    I love all your opposites. Lovely captures with an extra oomph because of the philosophical & intellectual framing. The image that evokes an awwwwwww is the silvereye nestled among the wattle – sooooooo cute, and I love the colours & composition!

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