Welcome to my somewhat infrequent Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

A world without compassion is a world without hope. My heart grieves for those in Pakistan who have been affected by devastating floods, and I stand with all those in other countries who are facing crippling water shortages. The wealthy, powerful and corrupt may cushion themselves against these catastrophes but ultimately everyone, and everything, will pay a high price for their collective crimes against humanity.

Today I’ve chosen a song, Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen, performed by Paul Robeson. Mr Robeson was a great humanist and advocate for change.

Kind Regards.

24 thoughts on “Active Compassion

  1. YES!!! Song I grew up with, learned to the lyrics and to sing – Side by Side – found a B&W movie clip from 1944 – and one from modern a capella barber shop quartet style song – I haven’t researched this song’s origins, at all – but to me? It speaks to the compassion you speak of – no matter what era/troubles come up that we collectively face:

    (1944 movie clip – notice the relationships portrayed and military uniforms) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjNX_gayY1E

    (2012 one man A capella Barber ship Quartet rendition for learning parts) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbX75DU47Dc

    To me? interesting to think of how some things, songs, or thoughts woven into musics/songs – are performed, over time, while we still, collectively or here and there, deal with the same durn things – over and over – on human-made and ‘just is’ fronts –

    Sigh – to me? No One Knows the Trouble I’ve Had and Side by Side – speak to both sides of fears/hits – human made and just…um….the price to be paid for admission into Life on Earth – ❤ I, too, have been deeply saddened by the flooding of Pakistan – the range and those affected outstrips so many local, in my nation, fronts – and well – farm land, arable land, productive land, able to survive/live upon land? Huge hit for large swath of population – for 20-30 years into future, most likely, just today – and yet – for me?

    Here? made the news cycle for a bit, before knocked off by things that could be totally prevented fairly quickly, by human actions and, last I checked on Sunday? already off the daily radar (if it ever was on the radar) for those who watch cable news everyday – sigh – I'm JUST waiting for the griping about climate migrations, and immigrants arriving from Pakistan, to my country, even if few in numbers, become the talking point a year or so from now – sigh – sigh – sigh –

    Cuz somedays? The only way I personally know how to deal with it is to just keep track of what was said/done then and what folks say/do a year later – or 2.5 seconds later – over time – patterns emerge – – 😀

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    1. Hello TJ. Can I call you that?
      Thanks for stopping by. Life is so incredibly complicated and also very simple, isn’t it? Hard to find a balance. Time often brings a different perspective on past challenges.
      I look forward to checking out your song recommendation over the coming days.

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      1. Sure – ya can call me TJ, ya can call me TamrahJo, ya can call me ‘hey you!” – – I have a pretty tough skin – cuz I’ve worked front line service fronts for many years – no none care what your name is, only what ya can do for them – LOL

        Seriously though – you are right – so complicated and yet so simple – navigating Life – where we pick to dive into complicated and where we make it simple and what are motivations/intents are for each choice? Ah – simple and complicated all at the same time – ! 😀
        Take care of you/yours! Love the diversity of music ya share that sometimes? Me? I think, “YES! We both know or like or appreciate the complicated layers within this lil tune – 😀
        And time/space move on – Side by Side or Not – here and there! 😀

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  2. Such an appropriate song for the times, Tracy, thank you. It grieves me that the Pakistan floods and ensuing horror for so many Pakistani people have taken second place to other world events.

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