Welcome to Week 5 of my Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge.  Corvids are birds belonging to the Corvidae family, encompassing ravens, crows, magpies, jays and nutcrackers.  So check out your corvid photo, poetry, music and story archives and join the challenge.

Over 170,000 people have died from Covid-19 since December 2019, and yet, I can still enjoy this little corvid challenge.  There’s something about minutely concentrating on one thing and just one thing that helps me keep my sanity.  It is a triumph of bravado over pessimism.  So are you ready?  Let’s go corvid-hunting.

I had to ask myself where is the one place you can go legally in a global pandemic?  Well, you can go to heaven or hell, but let’s not go there.  Not yet anyway.  It’s the shops, of course!  So I set off on a raven and toilet paper expedition.

What?  Are you spying on me?


As I walked to the shops, it occurred to me that it would be just my luck if the ravens beat me to the toilet paper.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I chastised myself.  “Ravens don’t have money.”


For crying out loud!  I really have gone crazy.


You know what ravens say….  “Too eeassy.”


You can participate in the Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge by creating a pingback to this post (my pingback approval settings are set up for manual approval, so it may take a little while for your pingback to appear) and/or by leaving a hyperlink to your submission in the comments.   Tag your post Corvid-2020 or C20WC.  I really do hope you will join in.

Kind Regards.

23 thoughts on “Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge #5

    1. Heehee, not that day. 🙂
      I did put in a grocery order to a small supermarket I frequent. Jodie assured me she had toilet paper. But, I checked the order when I received it. No toilet paper! Jodie had forgotten. 🙂 However, she has put some aside for me so we will pick it up in a few days. So funny.

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  1. Tracy, we have to have our little joys to remain sane!
    Those are wonderful pics. Unfortunately I am not a very good photographer ( you must have noticed in that mango tree pic!) otherwise I would have taken a pic of my one-eyed visitor!
    Enjoy your walks while I think of incorporating a corvid in one of my poems. 🙂


  2. West of the Rocky Mountains is the range of the Steller’s Jay. A very resourceful bird and a master mimicry. On YouTube is “Various Steller’s Jay Calls.” He can mimic birds of prey calls to scatter the birds at a source of food. He is sitting in an oak tree.

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