The Changing Seasons – April 2020

April 2020 (Autumn in Australia) — Canberra Walks Off The Covid-19 Crisis.

Never have so many Canberrans taken to the streets.  Not to protest, but to walk.

It rained.  The sun shone.  An urban forest revived after drought; too late for some trees.  Spring migrants like the Caper White butterfly feasted on autumn weeds.  Little dumpies (Diplodium truncatum) emerged from leaf litter to greet the day and would-be pollinators.  And the people came in their hundreds to traipse over woodland and reserve, grateful for the reprieve from summer’s hell, as they waited for the virus nightmare to end. Read more

Take A Walk On The Re-Wild Side

Sometimes, ladies and gentlemen, my ambition gets the better of me.   I’ve always wanted to make a mosaic of a red-browed finch.  I tried, but it did not go well.  Perhaps I’m being too much of a perfectionist.  The finished product is a bit ragged because I de-constructed it a couple of times in a manner that was a touch violent.  Still, I got control of myself and made what repairs I could.  Read more

The Early Bird

I’m not a morning (photography) person.  In the morning, I am usually pretending to be too busy doing stuff to be wasting my time taking photos.  So consequently when I checked my photo archive for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge — Morning, my morning photos were few and far between.  I normally start to take a few photos around midday, you know, to further avoid actually doing anything “productive”.  My photography tempo picks up early afternoon, peaking between 3.30pm and sunset.  That’s because by 3.30pm, I’ve convinced myself that it is now too late to actually do anything concrete, for example, like starting work on whatever art project I happen to be contemplating at the time.  Read more