Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

Today I met up with friends for coffee. It was the first time we had coffeed for about six months due to Covid restrictions. It took me a while to engage my mouth again. It worked. 95.8% of Canberrans over 12 years of age are now double-vaxed so more and more restrictions are being removed. To our north, Sydneysiders are also achieving high vaccination levels. Hence, double-vaxed Sydneysiders can now travel to Canberra (Australia).

Anyway, my friends and I did some e-bike baby-sitting for a lady who had come down from Sydney. Unfortunately, I didn’t ask her name but I do know the name of her dog. It’s Evie and Evie is a miniature Schnauzer. The two of them decided to hire an e-bike and go for a ride. Evie rode pillion in her mum’s backpack. It was Evie’s first time riding pillion. She was a little champion. Naturally, I had to take a couple of photos.

Evie says, “Oh my Lord!“*

And Evie’s mum says, “Here is the team I’ve got / Here is my co-pilot / Here it’s in my blood.“*

Then Evie’s mum says to Evie, “We’re dangerous / And you’re very nice / And very good / And now we could / And now we could / And I surely would.“*

So they did.

Now we need the song that goes with those lyrics. The song is Here Is My Co-Pilot, written and performed by Aussie, Holly Throsby. It’s upbeat and poppy, just what we need when starting out on a new adventure with our team.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Be kind, be dangerous and look out for your mates.

Kind Regards.

*Of course, Evie and her mum did not say those lines. That part was fiction, but the look on their faces said it all. Words by Holly Throsby.

25 thoughts on “Go,Team!

  1. Oh those eyes! Mum’s smiling and I imagine her eyes are sparkling and then there’s Evie… looking at you and saying what team, talk some sense into my Mum! I want my four paws on the ground…

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  2. Such good news!! I’m so glad you were able to meet up with your friends for some fun. I got a kick out of little Evie’s mode of transport. We have a similar photo of our daughter’s Shih Tzu riding in my husband’s knapsack. We’d decided to go on a hike, got lost in the woods, and those little stumpy legs just couldn’t keep up. After that day, we referred to the dog as Max-in-a-Bag.

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  3. What a lovely cheerful song, loved it. Cheered me up as I wait, very nervously, to see what happens in the next couple of days covid wise. I so want to fly to Launceston. Hope we don’t get locked down.😳must be good to be out and about again. Love little Evie’s exspression.

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  4. What fun to have coffee with a friend, and then to have that bike ride with Evie & her mum (Evie is the cutest!). I know what you mean, though, feeling like one has forgotten how to speak live to someone, and to have social interaction not online. Glad to hear it all came back to you!

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