Last week we rescued a magpie chick that had become caught in the dog fence while most likely fleeing from our dog. We were so happy and relieved when we saw the the magpie family of five down the street at the park. The injured chick had recovered sufficiently to be released and was successfully reunited with its family. Unfortunately, this afternoon my True Love picked up a dead magpie chick on the side of the road near our house. It had been struck by a car. Many young birds die this way each year. Hopefully it died quickly.

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a happy reunion! Thank you for this update.

    It is sad, though, that many die by car each year. How are they hit by the cars? Do they stray onto the roads?

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  2. I’m hoping it wasn’t the same one, and it probably wasn’t. But life is a contradiction sometimes, isn’t it? We no sooner celebrate saving one chick before we stumble across another that didn’t make it.

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  3. How sad to hear the young chick was killed – probably by humans.

    Life is so precious for young birds. Usually its larger birds of prey that are the perpetrators in this situation.

    I’ve found half a dozen dead birds on my outdoor walks, but it was the 2 on my balcony that saddened me the most – a Rainbow Lorikeet and a Spotted Turtle-dove. I clean the exterior lounge windows so I can see more clearly and take photos more easily, but I suspect the spotless windows reflect the trees and sky and the birds just fly into the windows and crash.

    The weirdest phenomena is the young fairy-wrens flying into the slim top panes of glass which I don’t clean as they’re too high up. They do it over and over again. Several times over a few minutes. The glass wouldn’t be clean, but why only that tiny slim glass pane 10 foot above the ground.

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    1. It was definitely a car that hit the magpie. It was dead on the side of the road.
      We have had a couple of birds fly into our windows. We had one window that was directly opposite our front door. I suspect they thought that the could fly straight through. My mother made a leadliggt for me for that window so that solved that problem. We put decals up on some other windows but that doesn’t work so well if you are taking photos through the windows.
      Maybe your fairy weeks are flying up to the top of your window to get insects caught in spider web?

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      1. Don’t know about the the insects caught in spider webs theory, Tracey. The fair-wrens just keep flying into the narrow window over and over again. I worry about their poor little heads getting ‘brain damage’. Seriously, it can’t be good for them.

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  4. Very funny, Tracey. It’s probably the same fairy-wren pair that often visit my balcony.

    I had a Rainbow Lorikeet crash into my large lounge window and drop dead on a potted plant, or I assume that’s what happened. I almost cried when I had to lift its still-warm body and dispose of it. Same with a dead Spotted turtle-dove I found next to the balcony fence one morning. So sad.

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