Each month, Jude hosts a colour challenge, Life in Colour. The colour for November is black and/or grey.

This may be my last contribution to this month’s colour challenge. Or possibly not if the sky keeps crying. Today, I have four photos to share. Three were taken by my True Love. I managed only one which is a damn sight more than was achieved at Cop26.

Ode to Cop26

Man cannot improve on perfection.
Here I am. Can you see me?
Look at me. Know what it is that you sacrifice
for more time, where there’s none.

I wonder how many weekends there will be before TEOTWAWKI? Aussies, maybe we should prep now by demanding that all political parties undertake to immediately exempt EVs from the luxury car sales tax and remove fringe benefits tax concessions for all ICE cars. C’mon, there is potentially another federal budget in the offing prior to the forthcoming election! Talk it up. Should the feds also be facilitating a capability and market for ICE to EV conversions? Surely that’s an area where our federal government could employ its best brains (Hahahaha, not you, Mr Taylor). There are a lot of embedded carbon emissions in the steel of the current Australian car fleet. Let me know what the practicalities are. I would rather convert than render my cars obsolete. I wonder how much it would cost to import a second-hand EV from Norway? Possible solution for readers on the other side of the world?

Vote 1 for climate action.

Kind Regards.

About the photos – Photos 1, 2 and 4 taken by my True Love. I snapped Photo 3 of the water. The last photo of the Noisy Miner was a mistake. My True Love thought the ISO was set to auto but it was actually set to ISO200 in very dim light conditions. What? Noisy Miner? Yes, I know that’s a bit punny. I crack myself up.

37 thoughts on “Black and/or Grey – Ode to Cop26

  1. I now have REM going round in my head. Thanks Tracy. The moth is amazing and I love the noisy miner, the mistake worked well! An EV from Norway? Now that’s an interesting thought.
    Thanks for your greys, I hope you do manage one or two more, but not because of the weather.

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      1. I don’t feel guilty at all. The way I see it 1) stop making plastics out of petroleum. 2) all future cars (and public transport and trucks) should be electric 3) as our cars age and need to be replaced, we get electric cars. and 4) trains. I don’t know what you have in Australia but electric trains in the western US would be amazing. 5) Figure out another fuel for airplanes. Because, you know, I’m an expert :p

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      2. I think I read that only 1% of new car purchases are EVs. We don’t have a viable train network in Australia. None outside the capital cities are electrified. They are slow and go to very few places. Most freight moves by road. Urban trains in the capitals are electrified and also over crowded, while the network does not generally extend to new suburbs on the urban fringe. Electric and hydrogen fuel cell buses are probably the most viable alternative. With our current charging infrastructure it would be difficult to run e-buses intra or interstate and the number of people using the services is a tiny fraction of the travelling public. Many country towns don’t have a bus service.
        If you can have nuclear powered subs, are nuclear powered planes possible?


      1. My dogs are very anti-social. Also exceedingly noisy. I generally leave them home but your little dog seems well behaved. I would quite like to check whether the little red flying foxes have returned to Lake G for the summer. You are welcome to join me. It would be better to do that on a nice day though so no rush.

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      2. That sounds exciting. For such a quest, I might leave the dog at home. He does bark at possums. The weather is fining up. My mornings are a bit occupied with radiation (usually over by 10:30 at the latest) and I like to pick the kids up at 3. But other than that, my days are pretty free.

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  2. Sigh. The environment. Care of our world should be self-evident, but apparently not.
    Love all your images – hurray to both you & True Love. You both have such a wonder-ful, sensitive touch. All your images evoke feelings and are so very beauty-ful. Even the “mistake” is so dramatic and filled with an atmosphere!

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