My Day

As many of my regular readers will know, I am quite an introvert.  So you would think self-isolation would suit me well, but even I am struggling.  My True Love and I have had a few tense moments too.  As we have no known cases of active Covid-19 infections in my fair city, restrictions were eased somewhat last weekend.  It is a tricky time.   Physical-distancing fatigue is definitely an issue for a significant proportion of Aussies.  Needing to protect vulnerable family members, among others, our family took cautious advantage of the relaxation of the lockdown rules to catch up with family on Mothers Day. Read more

Home Art

Are you being driven to abstraction by home confinement?  What do you do if you have the concentration span of a gnat?  I have been fiddling around with photo editing and walking.  More on the walking part later, but for now, what?  Oh yes, photo editing.  Home has become a canvas for my creative endeavours.  Hope you like black and white. Read more

The Early Bird

I’m not a morning (photography) person.  In the morning, I am usually pretending to be too busy doing stuff to be wasting my time taking photos.  So consequently when I checked my photo archive for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge — Morning, my morning photos were few and far between.  I normally start to take a few photos around midday, you know, to further avoid actually doing anything “productive”.  My photography tempo picks up early afternoon, peaking between 3.30pm and sunset.  That’s because by 3.30pm, I’ve convinced myself that it is now too late to actually do anything concrete, for example, like starting work on whatever art project I happen to be contemplating at the time.  Read more

To Behave Or Not To Behave

Human behaviour is a funny thing, isn’t it?  I suppose that is because we are all different.  Some of us are naturally very organised.  Some of us aren’t.  Some of us are thin.  Some of us aren’t.  Some of us are old and some of us aren’t.  Some of us are fearful and some of us aren’t.  There is a spectrum, isn’t there?  Also, how you might feel on any given day might depend on whether you managed to buy a few toilet rolls before they all sold out.  It is all a matter of perspective, isn’t it?

Welcome to my regular Friday song day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.  I am also combining my song day with the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge — Change Your Perspective.  Let’s rock ‘n roll. Read more

Turning Flowers into Pumpkins and the Death of Holden

I got very excited this morning, ladies and gentlemen.  Looking out the back window, I could see that there was a male and female pumpkin flower open at the same time.  Because of a hail storm last month, my pumpkin vine has only one pumpkin growing at the moment.  So I took this fleeting opportunity to fly outside and manually fertilise the lady.  I found the flowers crawling with bees, which was also very exciting, because the numbers of bees have been much fewer due to the recent hot weather and smoky days.

It was lucky I did because a bee was trapped below the stamen of the boy flower! Read more