Or at least one of them is. There are four. The magpie parents are very busy.

This week Anne has chosen the theme of Wildlife Close to Home for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. Here is my contribution.

Let’s start with a couple of images of said magpie chick and his dad.

I am never one to let a snappy title get in the way of more wildlife photos. Here are another couple of bird shots from our local wetland.

And returning home, it’s the birthday girl – the wiley Ama. She threw up this morning, probably because of all that grassy hail she ate yesterday or perhaps to make room for birthday ice cream.

I hope you are all well, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve been getting a drenching in sunny Canberra (Australia), although not as much as a little further northwest where it is an absolute catastrophe.

Take care of yourselves and our world.

Kind Regards.
Tracy Rail.

27 thoughts on “The Chicks Are Down

  1. Ama is so pretty Tracy. I’m glad she enjoyed her birthday and the ice cream. Your bird shots are outstanding. Aren’t magpies the birds that make a lot of noise? Send some of that rain to California. I don’t know why nature drenches one area and starves another.

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    1. Thank you, Anne. I’ve upgraded to LR so I have been learning all sorts of new things recently. 🙂
      Yes, magpies are quite the chatter boxes with all their warbling. This dad magpie is a real charmer. I’ve never heard a magpie mimic as well as this one. He does sirens and all sorts of other sounds.
      Wish we could even out the weather cycles a bit, Anne. It has been really terrible for many people here and the drought there is also devastating.

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    1. Thanks, Tina. We were a tad concerned about how the chicks would cope in the rain. Fortunately, dad magpie will still continue to forage for food when it rains. I learnt recently that this is not the case for Canberra’s little eagles though. I hope those chicks survived the heavy rains.


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