Or at least one of them is. There are four. The magpie parents are very busy.

This week Anne has chosen the theme of Wildlife Close to Home for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. Here is my contribution.

Let’s start with a couple of images of said magpie chick and his dad.

I am never one to let a snappy title get in the way of more wildlife photos. Here are another couple of bird shots from our local wetland.

And returning home, it’s the birthday girl – the wiley Ama. She threw up this morning, probably because of all that grassy hail she ate yesterday or perhaps to make room for birthday ice cream.

I hope you are all well, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve been getting a drenching in sunny Canberra (Australia), although not as much as a little further northwest where it is an absolute catastrophe.

Take care of yourselves and our world.

Kind Regards.
Tracy Rail.

27 thoughts on “The Chicks Are Down

  1. I loved the title of this post–smiled, actually, as I read it **oh, that Tracy!**
    Ama–you are a beautiful girl. Easy on the ice cream and Happy Birthday to you!

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  2. Ama is so pretty Tracy. I’m glad she enjoyed her birthday and the ice cream. Your bird shots are outstanding. Aren’t magpies the birds that make a lot of noise? Send some of that rain to California. I don’t know why nature drenches one area and starves another.

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    1. Thank you, Anne. I’ve upgraded to LR so I have been learning all sorts of new things recently. 🙂
      Yes, magpies are quite the chatter boxes with all their warbling. This dad magpie is a real charmer. I’ve never heard a magpie mimic as well as this one. He does sirens and all sorts of other sounds.
      Wish we could even out the weather cycles a bit, Anne. It has been really terrible for many people here and the drought there is also devastating.

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  3. I didn’t recognise any of the species shown here, apart from te lovely birthday girl, who got her ice cream I hope? Even your magpies are different from ours. though probably just as in-yer-face.

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    1. Thanks, Tina. We were a tad concerned about how the chicks would cope in the rain. Fortunately, dad magpie will still continue to forage for food when it rains. I learnt recently that this is not the case for Canberra’s little eagles though. I hope those chicks survived the heavy rains.


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