This is what a cockatoo looks like after face ploughing my new garden and snipping off those nice, new spring shoots.

And if that wasn’t enough, it thought it would eat my phone.

More please.

It’s been a long, wet winter in Canberra and yummy new shoots are yummy.

Keep well, everyone.

Kind Regards.

RDP Capricious
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44 thoughts on “Just A Little Bite

  1. They are so funny. I had a friend who had “pet” cockatoo. It was the most amazing creature, mischievous, communicative, hilarious, affectionate — and THAT face, “H aha ha on you sucker!”

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  2. Oh my goodness! What a fab take on “capricious”!
    My sister had her finger nipped by a cockatoo so I know that expression all too well!!!! No fear at all! Hope it didn’t do too much damage to your garden (although it sounds like it did eat up all of your growing plants)

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    1. I still have most of them, Ju-Lyn. I think it was looking for onion weed and once it decided that the tasty plants weren’t that, it left them alone.
      I jumped back pretty quickly when that beak came toward me. They give a nasty bite as my son found out one day.


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