For the Lens-Artists Photo ChallengesA Special Place and Odds and Ends.

I have been rather quiet over the last few months living my ordinary life in extraordinary times. Ordinary does not mean dull or insignificant. Such is life in these days of extremes. I have spent an inordinate amount of time at my special place, ie. home. It might not be perfect, posh or pristine, but it has everything we need. Every window has a view of the garden and its inhabitants.

The expression says it all. The crested pigeon is crestfallen (groan).

I take great comfort in the little native grassland garden that I am attempting to establish in the dead zone out front. I also enjoy fossicking at the native plant nursery so that too gets me out of the house.

Arthropodium milleflorum (Vanilla Lily)

The Australian Botanic Gardens (Canberra) is another of my most favourite places. Check out this odd little critter I saw there!

Curious and curiouser.

Perhaps I should wrap this up? [This is your chance to scroll quickly.]

There’s an end in sight (very old photo).

Dead dragonfly on glass-topped table.

Bet you didn’t expect that.

The end.

Kind Regards.

About the photos:
The photos of the raven and the dragonfly were taken by my True Love. The remainder were taken by me. It was very dramatic when the spider caught the cabbage moth. My heart was racing.

49 thoughts on “Oddly Enough

  1. When we can be satisfied with our everyday life, then I believe we are living life to the fullest, everything else is just icing…I loved the spider photo!

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  2. Plenty of “oddness” in this one Tracy, and some untimely “ends” as well! Home is definitely where the heart is, as we’ve all learned the hard way these past few years. These are extraordinarily difficult times, making us appreciate our places in this world that much more. Thanks for linking with us on this one!

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  3. These are wonderful, Tracy! Thanks for the warning to scroll quickly. But then you talked about the spider/moth making your heart race, so I had to go back and take a peek. Quite fascinating. Don’t tell Brian I peeked. πŸ˜‰

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  4. I read of all the rain coming down there – clear shot of the tired bird. Your collection is great, and photos excellent from you both. I must say I really, really loved that critter in the botanic garden! And the dragonfly, well, I was so impressed by the reflection and how on earth you had caught that one…until I read your text!

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    1. Thanks, AC. The devastation is mostly on the eastern seaboard to the north of us. It is a horrible, horrible situation.
      I had to take my mum out to the botanic gardens when she was here last week. She and my step father had to go far inland to skirt the closed roads. We didn’t see too many birds at the gardens, but the insects were fascinating.
      I’ve always loved the dragonfly photo, but it was only recently that I discovered that the poor creature was dead. It is no wonder people are so sceptical these days!


  5. Superb! I love the crestfallen pigeon. Great photo! Reminds me of our silkies with their wet-day mohawks. And the dragonfly is amazing (I thought it was skimming over a pond at first!) and the little bug at the botanic gardens is totally stunning.

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    1. Thank you, Wormsie. Nothing like a good drenching to ruin a perfectly good ‘do’. πŸ˜„ the little insect was quite extraordinary. There’s always something to see at the Gardens. I thought the dragonfly was skimming over water too. I must have looked at that photo a hundred times and never cottoned on. If you look closely though, you can see specks of dust on the table.

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