Are you being driven to abstraction by home confinement?  What do you do if you have the concentration span of a gnat?  I have been fiddling around with photo editing and walking.  More on the walking part later, but for now, what?  Oh yes, photo editing.  Home has become a canvas for my creative endeavours.  Hope you like black and white.

Asparagus fronds have never looked so mysterious. plant

The Stare.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Stop that.


A couple of likely lads.


I could go on.  Where will this end?

I will have a more colourful post for my monthly wrap-up.  That’s where the walking comes in.

Kind Regards.

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37 thoughts on “Home Art

  1. Great series – you could go on! Your dog portrait (the famous Stare) is a real treat – how did you do it?I have been trying swirls (twirls?).

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    1. Thank you, AC. I read WAD’s post about the swirls but I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. It is kind of nice that we are learning from each other.
      For The Stare effect, go into PS editor, then the Filter tab, Stylise, and choose Extrude.
      I did some pre-editing and applied the extrude filter over the top. It would be interesting to apply it to a Milo photo. 🙂


      1. You are welcome, Tracy.
        Oops did I give the impression I was hosting the poetry month challenge? I am sorry the caption at the beginning of each post last month was not put in quotation marks. Napowrimo is hosted by Maureen Thorson. Like hundreds of others, I was just a participant.
        Yes, being a domestic goddess did take up a lot of my time (and is still taking) and the inability to do nothing more than ranting about situation doesn’t help either.

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