Welcome to Week 6 of my Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge.  Corvids are birds belonging to the Corvidae family, encompassing ravens, crows, magpies, jays and nutcrackers.  So peruse your corvid photo, poetry, music and story archives and join the challenge.

You can participate in the Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge by creating a pingback to this post (my pingback approval settings are set up for manual approval, so it may take a little while for your pingback to appear) and/or by leaving a hyperlink to your submission in the comments.   Tag your post Corvid-2020 or C20WC.  I really do hope you will join in.

What else can I say?  The Common Raven (Corvus corax) of the Northern Hemisphere is bigger than the Australian raven (Corvus coronoides).  What they have in common though is that they are both very mischievous.  Here’s Fable (Corvus corax).  She looks like trouble if you ask me.  Check her out.  Please note that this is not my video.

Mwa, mwa.

Kind Regards.

31 thoughts on “Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge #6

  1. Your video with Fabel is absolutely wonderful.She is stunning. Would love to see more. You said that you hand reared her, can she ever live in the wild now?
    Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Fable is adorable–what a ham she is! That gal was quite brave with the beak so close to her face, but it seems they have such a wonderful relationship that I am the only one to worry. I enjoyed this, Tracy.

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  3. What a fascinating video! It was so much fun learning about corvid behavior. I had no idea they could talk! In one of the shots, Fable’s back feathers have a very pretty purple sheen to them.

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  4. “Wow!” !! (Imitating Fable here 😉 ) What a lovely, beautiful raven! And so clever! Honestly, that’s why I love ravens and all members of the corvid family, they’re so very, very clever. I knew they could speak, but never actually heard it. I managed to take a few pics of “my” crows last week and am starting to share with you and the others here from tomorrow on. 😉

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