Day 12 — Share Your Music:  30 Days, 30 Songs.

The first CD I ever got was a Bob Marley CD.  My mother gave it to me.  At first I was rather ungrateful because, you know, it wasn’t disco.  However, it wasn’t too long before that CD became my absolute favourite, and it hasn’t been displaced in my affections.  One of my favourite songs on the CD is Three Little Birds.

harryFor at least 20 years now, I’ve owned a few canaries.  The most I’ve owned at any one time is five.  You can read how I got into canaries here.  We are now down to two canaries, and our oldest, Harry, who is now 12, has been struggling over the last month.  I’m not complaining.  He has been an absolute joy.   I would often sing to him — “it’s Harry I’m planning to marry.”


Here’s to Harry.  When he sings all my troubles depart.

Sarah at Art Expedition is hosting 30 Days, 30 Songs for the month of June. You can see her latest post here.  It’s a good one.  It is not too late to join in the challenge.  Casual players welcome.

Kind Regards.

27 thoughts on “This Goes With That

  1. Your post about canaries brings back many memories–grandma’s “Melody” that she adored; my “Sunny” that was a baby from a pair my mother bred. There’s nothing like a canary’s tune to brighten a day.

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  2. I used to have a canary when David and were first married, we lived in a flat and were not allowed to have a dog or cat. I used to sing to my canary too, funnily enough, I used to sing “Is This Love?” by Bob Marley!

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  3. “Three Little Birds” is one of my favorite Bob Marley songs! I’ve had parakeets and finches before, and always loved hearing them sing. Never had a canary, but my parents had one a very long time ago, and they said the canary’s singing was always lovely to hear.

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