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Once upon a time, my love and I did what many young Aussies do – we went backpacking around Europe.  One of our favourite places was Nice.  Our stay in Nice was not without its dramas, and maybe because of that, it made the rest of our stay all the more sweet.

Our hotel room window overlooked an alley way and apartments.  Every morning, a little canary in its cage was hung outside the window of the adjoining apartment.  We would open our window and listen to the canary sing its little heart out.  My love and I were enchanted.  Several years later, there was an advertisement at my love’s workplace, offering canaries free to a good home.  We were lucky enough to have two canaries join our family.   They are not called feathered brats for nothing, but they are also very sweet.  They are the reason for our enduring love of birds.

Cuckoos Perhaps?
This looks interesting.
Guess which one is the bird-brain?

Since getting our first canaries, we have diversified our bird interests.  However, we still have three little old canaries.  Life is so much sweeter with them.

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24 thoughts on “Singin’ Sweet Songs of Melodies Pure and True

  1. ❤ I love birds, too, though I've never had any. I had a friend who had a cockatoo that was so smart and so funny, I almost thought had problem solving conversations with it when no one was looking. The canaries are beautiful and this story is so lovely.

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    1. Cockatoos are such characters. They can live 100 years plus. Can you imagine it! Thanks for the compliment on the story. I took my dog for a walk after I published it, and en route realised I had made a grammatical error. Talk about bird-brain. 🙂 This blogging business is hard.

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  2. Lovely pair! What other birds do you have?
    I had a cockatiel once. He loved spaghetti, eating the buttons off the remote, and rice. I could never pet him but he would sit at my lips so I could give him kisses for hours. He liked cleaning my teeth (I know that sounds odd) and playing with my eyelashes. Still miss him 💓

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    1. The parrots do seem to bond more with their people compared to finches. The parrots, like cockatiels, seem to like to preen one another, so sounds like it was doing the same to you. They are lovely birds. I can understand why you miss him.
      I did have budgies when I was a girl, but I’ve only had the canaries for quite a long time. I’ve got three at the moment. They are all pretty old. They’ll probably be my last because it is hard to travel with birds and dogs, so I need the grown up children to stay with the menagerie. I did meet a couple who were travelling with their two cockatiels though.

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