I have been reminded that it has been a whole year since the Ragtag Daily Prompt was established.  For those of you who don’t know, I contribute a prompt word each Thursday.  The initiative involves a whole team of people, including the administrators of the group, as well as everyone who contributes responses each day.

I thought we should have a sing to celebrate and I hope you will sing along with me, each in our respective lounge rooms.  It’s a song about horses and birds, or something like that, so what more could you ask for?  Seriously though, it is about giving flight to your hopes and dreams in an encouraging environment.  That’s very Ragtag, don’t you think?

This is my response to the Ragtag Daily PromptPrompt.  Click on the link to join in the fun.

Kind Regards.

41 thoughts on “An Anniversary And A Song

  1. “We’ll be riding on the horses, yeah, yeah …” I am not much of a singer, but I am very happy to have participated in the daily word prompts during this first year, and I am looking forward to joining the fun again. Thank you, Tracy, and congratulations to you and the other prompt masters!

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      1. I don’t think so he was a heartthrob in the seventies. Naomi and I saw Sherbet a couple of times, he used to wear these long scarves and girls would try to pull him off the stage. It’s a wonder they didn’t strangle him. He was still pretty good looking by the time he made this recording. I guess he must be around 70 now. (Just checked, he is)

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  2. Thanks for the prompts Tracy. RDP has become a ritual! Thanks for sharing the clip, the song brings back fond memories. My daughter who was just out of toddler years would sing and dance to this.

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  3. Congratulations dear Tracy and thank you and all the Rag Tag team for your inspiration and for creating a wonderful community here 🤗💖🎈🎉✍💞 xxx

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      1. One of the reasons I fav around trying to use your money when I visit. The other being that your dollar coins shouldn’t be bigger than your two dollar coins. 😂😂

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  4. Great song, Tracy – it seems you had a day’s headstart to my music challenge. 😉 And congratulations to all of you who’ve contributed to the Ragtag prompts! Here’s to many more anniversaries!

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