Ah May …  absolutely sublime but odd.

Weirdly, still bathed in sun this late into autumn.

Because truth in promotion is important (just kidding), here is an artistic shot of a plastic bag polluting the creek.  Still, the light is nice.


Record May temperatures have extended the growing season for my tomatoes and the beautiful autumn colour beyond their usual best-before date.

The weeds also love this unseasonally warm weather.

The sun also shines on election day.  Then sets on my dreams.

democracy sausage.jpg
Many of the polling booths are set up at local schools.  Schools take the opportunity to fund-raise with a barbie.  Democracy Sausage has become its own institution on polling day.  At least you know what you are getting.

Thankfully I still have my birds.
Lucky shot crimson rosella.

crimson rosella

And new to our yard — a juvenile grey butcherbird.

grey butcherbird

Gang-gang cockatoos.
The squeaky door of the bird world (because that is what they sound like).

And finally, the male Superb fairywren retains a hint of blue in his tail, almost as though he is confused about the season.

wren (1)

I’ve even started a new mosaic to bring on winter.  Oh wait …. that seemed to do it.  Brrrrr.  Are those snow-clouds?

This is my response to The Changing Seasons monthly photo challenge hosted by Su Leslie of Zimmerbitch.  Do consider joining in.  It is a lovely way to look back on the changing seasons with other contributors.

Kind Regards.

51 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – May 2019

  1. Love the bird pics Tracy. That rosella is well caught. We love the song of the butcher bird we have a family of them are part of our family, joining us for breakfast on the deck every morning. Much warmer on the deck facing the morning sun than in the house. Going to be 5deg tonight extra blanket time

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  2. Tracy, what a lovely collection of photos, another view of Australia. I’ve always wanted to visit your country but it seems my travel days are more restricted than ever, so your photos do well to fill in my blanks. (My parents visited decades ago and said it was one of their favorite countries of all their many travels.)

    The bird photos are gor-gee-uss! And I suspect that the fairy wren knows exactly what he’s doing.

    As for the Democracy Sausage – would be so funny if it wasn’t so maddening, right? I hope it didn’t give you the severe belly ache the election results might have done.

    As for the plastic bag in the creek – just leaving our garbage behind for someone else to deal with – as usual. sigh…..

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    1. I like it here, Sharon. You would too, I think. Most people are easy-going (maybe not the car drivers). I am glad you like the birds. They are keeping me sane at the moment. I’m having a break from the 24/7 news cycle. The analysis of the election wash-up is astonishing. I wonder whether I live on a different planet from the commentators sometimes.

      Ah yes, the plastic. It is everywhere, although I didn’t realise it was actually in the creek until I looked at the photo on the big screen.


  3. I can understand your focus on the birds and the natural world right now — though of course we can hardly avoid signs of our stupidity there either. Lovely images Tracy.

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  4. My o my, what stunning shots, especially the landing parrot! So enjoyed these, and your laconic narrative which gently tells a story at different levels.

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  5. Beautiful catch up with your month as always,Tracy! That rosella is gorgeous! And now I’m wondering about how the song of the butcher bird might sound like – any similarity to Hitchcock’s famous notes in Psycho? 😉
    I know that feeling of needing a break after the election only too well – our green party might have gained an enormous increase this time but it’s still not enough.😯

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      1. I’ve listened to them both now – what truly fantastic birds! Such a wide range and complexity – I can imagine how lovely it must be to listen to them live!

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      2. Their music is a joy, Sarah. I am about to start reading “Where Song Began” by Tim Low, about Australian birds and how all the world’s songbirds are descended from Australian songbirds. I’ll do a review when I’m finished. You might like the book too, Sarah.

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      3. That does sound like a book I’d be interested in! I will see if I can get a copy somewhere! I’ve read that the butcherbirds have also inspired many composers with their songs – which I can only too easily believe after having listened to them!
        I look forward to read your review, Tracy!

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  6. Oh my gosh those birds! I have been experimenting with cutting out bird shapes lately, your shots inspire me to keep practicing. You are so lucky to be able to see such beautiful birds in real life, and awesome job photographing them! I love the fairyren shot! 🙂

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