Dear Readers, my friend, Sarah from Art Expeditions, is hosting a challenge for the month of June.  It is the Share Your Music: 30 Days – 30 Songs! challenge.  I’ve decided to participate because I like Sarah and I like music.  Also, June is the first month of winter in my part of the world and because I am very indecisive, this challenge could keep me out of trouble.

I’m sure Sarah would love it if you joined in the challenge too.  Any or every day of the month would be just fine.  Be sure to include a pingback to her daily music post if you decide to participate.  That way others can also see your selection.  Click here for her Day 1 post.  For the first day, she chose the main theme to Star Wars — one of my favourites.  You can never have too many favourites.  For my first post of the challenge, I have chosen a variation on Sarah’s theme of stars and war.  I have landed on Holst:  The Planets, ‘Mars’.  Eek, very punny!  As you are probably aware, Mars is the bringer of war.  Enjoy.

Have you got a favourite from the The Planets suite?  Let me know.  I can’t decide.

Kind Regards.


13 thoughts on “Share Your Music: 30 Days – 30 Songs!

  1. Woo-Hoo!! This is so awesome that you’ve decided to join me, Tracy! This challenge will definitely keep you out of trouble – and busy. 😉
    Love The Planets – there’s so much of Star Wars in them! “Mars” is amazing – I had to listen to “Venus” just right now, to calm down again! 😀 LOL!
    Looking very much forward to all your songs! ❤

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  2. About five years ago I had the pleasure of listening to the entire Holst “The Planets” performed by a symphony, in an outdoor auditorium under the stars. An extraordinary evening shared with my son’s family. Great choice, Tracy.

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    1. That must have been a very special night, Sharon. There is nothing like being there.

      I’ve also been to an outdoor performance. My son used to play clarinet in the Canberra Youth Orchestra. They performed The Planets in the burnt out shell of the Mount Stromlo observatory. The problem was that the first performance was cancelled as it was rained out. They re-scheduled for a night when it was bitterly cold. This affected tuning of the instruments. And there were very few lights. Some couldn’t see the music let alone the conductor. I admire their dedication. It wasn’t their best performance, but proud parents and friends (seated on the grass outside) gave them rapturous applause. Here is a link to that performance. You may be interested in seeing a few minutes to understand the challenge. No pressure. I suggest from the 31 minute mark.

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      1. Your son’s Youth Orchestra did a great job that evening, as Holst is a challenge under the best of circumstances.

        Our family is much into music, and our oldest grandson plays bass clarinet, moving on in September to the high school marching band. Bands and orchestras do well when the conductors are able to connect with the players.

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      2. My son’s band teacher made sure that she rotated she rotated the parts. She said that playing third chair was not a reflection on one’s ability, but that part was just as important as first chair because it was about keeping the band in time. Such valuable lessons for the kids. The bass clarinet is a fabulous instrument. He found it more difficult than a regular clarinet.

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  3. I was on my laptop when I found this the other day and it threw a hissy fit and wouldn’t give me any sound. I was annoyed because I love The Planets but I think my favourite part is Jupiter.

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