Fairy and features.

Dear readers and fairy enthusiasts, a while ago I decided to make a mosaic of a fairy.  Every garden needs a fairy, right?  I had never made a mosaic of a human-like form before, so I expected it to be quite challenging.  And indeed, it was.   It turns out it is difficult to mosaic a tiny face, all of 2sq centimetres, and I made rather a mess of it.  Nevertheless, as imperfect as it was, my friend decided she would buy it for her grand-daughter. 

I grew to like the imperfections of the little fairy.  She was sassy, not classically beautiful in a fairy sense.  I think I shall make a fairy mosaic for my own garden one day.  I did learn something valuable from making the little fairy.  That was, should I ever attempt a face again, I need to make it a little larger.  This is all rather a long way of saying that I’ve finished my orangutan mosaic.  Finally!  The focus of that mosaic is on the facial features of the orangutan.  But first the fairy, because I think comparing the two shows a progression of ideas and craftsmanship.  And then, you might as well have a sing.  Because F is also for Friday.


Kind Regards

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  1. I thought this was the Easybeats redoing “He’s So Fine” so was a bit perplexed when the music came on. Read, Lois. Read! The mosaic is beautiful, Tracy. Yes, everyone should have a fairy garden. I have a little one in my screen porch. What a love present this will be.

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  2. Not confused. The Chiffon’s song was “He’s so fine.” The Easybeats song was “She’s so Fine.” Was one group responding to the other group? A dialogue?

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  3. This mosaic fairy tale was amazing. With those hard surface pieces, you described smoothness in shaping her body. She is very charming at her smiling! Well done Tracy and thank you for sharing! 😊

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      1. It is true Tracy. I have a local friend who makes detailed 3D model but his works are so detailed and passion is in. I see same passion in your works. I am lucky that I have artists who love craftsmanship! 🙂


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