I’m determined to get some flower photos onto my blog.  They seem to need a little poetry to go with them.  Nature to zing by.  Not that I would know.


tender falls the light
gold, burgundy, pink and white
a lover’s touch
probosis drinks sweet nectar
fondling gently parts sweet lips

wind sighs
nature’s tryst


Kind Regards

Response to the Ragtag Daily PromptPartner.  And the Tuesday word prompt — Gentle — from Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo.  Click on the links to join in.

35 thoughts on “Lovers

      1. Hmmm. Not sure. I saw your notice about posting 3 hours early. This is the first one I missed. But…..I might have deleted this once I received the “oops!” notice. You guys do such a great job of keeping it up. Operator error. Me, not you, I am sure. Thanks, Tracy.


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