This is my response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt of 4 July 2018  —  Serried.

I am feeling a bit flat, perhaps because it is mid-Winter, and I have a tendency to feel flat at this time of year.  In Winter, everything becomes smaller and meaner, at least I perceive it to be so.  Or perhaps this is just the reality of these troubled times.  Words, ideas and causes are jostling for attention.  Usually when I feel this way, I find escape in my art (mosaics), but it is too cold at the moment for this form of escapism.  So I need another form of escapism.

I’m just a poor girl
Need an escape from reality
Open my eyes
Pick up a book and read.

This video clip has just got to the be the best advertisement for public libraries that I’ve ever come across.  Enjoy.

Looking for writing or photography inspiration?  Check out the Ragtag Daily Prompt – Serried.  Click here for more details.

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Featured Image:
Stockholm Public Library (Image by La Citta Vita (Wikimedia Commons)


34 thoughts on “Serried Books All In A Row

  1. That’s terrific, Tracy. I wonder how long it took them to get that together. Nothing like a good winter read to soothe the soul.


      1. I now get magazines on line but still like non fiction as books as apposed to ebook version but the occasional novel I will get on line. It’s a changing world isn’t it?


  2. That’s too bad, I can’t watch the video – stupid YouTube policy! Anyway, hope reading will get you over this sensation of feeling flat. I know the feeling.


      1. It’s not possible to watch some kind of videos here in Germany because of copyright. There’s a section when you load up a video that informs you about in which countries it might not be watched.


  3. I’m feeling much the same. Time of year is definitely part of it, but it is difficult to feel positive when there is so much that is bad happening. The library video is very clever. It seems to be a thing these days for library staff to spoof songs, etc. One of our public libraries gained a bit of a media celebrity recently with a spoof of a Kardashian cover shot. Very funny!! Hope you’re feeling less meh soon.


      1. Thanks Tracy. I hope you do get a nice warm day (or more) and the chance to do some creative work. It’s a grey day here, but not cold, and I think I’ve finally got rid of the worst of my cold.

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  4. That video is priceless! And that serried rank of books is so reassuring to me–as you say, a book is a fine place to turn, when one is feeling a little low, or any other time for that matter!

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