Serried Books All In A Row

This is my response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt of 4 July 2018  —  Serried.

I am feeling a bit flat, perhaps because it is mid-Winter, and I have a tendency to feel flat at this time of year.  In Winter, everything becomes smaller and meaner, at least I perceive it to be so.  Or perhaps this is just the reality of these troubled times.  Words, ideas and causes are jostling for attention.  Usually when I feel this way, I find escape in my art (mosaics), but it is too cold at the moment for this form of escapism.  So I need another form of escapism.

I’m just a poor girl
Need an escape from reality
Open my eyes
Pick up a book and read.

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Book Review: My Everest: Thirty Years of San Diego Hiking (With Dogs!) by Martha Kennedy (2017)


I have just read the most wonderful, life-affirming book – My Everest:  Thirty Years of San Diego Hiking (With Dogs!) by Martha Kennedy.  You might think a story about 30 years of hiking the same trails might be a little boring.  Not so.  This is a grand love story; a tribute to the enduring relationship between one woman and her wilderness, encompassing the creatures of the Chaparral that watched over and befriended her, and the dogs – her faithful companions – who were always by her side.  Read more

Book Review – Savior by Martha Kennedy


Savior follows the trials and tribulations of two young men, Rudolf and Conrad, who, against the wishes of their family, join the Christian Crusade in the 13th century to fight for the true faith in the land of the infidels. It is a time in history when religion pervades every aspect of life.  Both men want to escape their home – one for the promise of adventure and glory, the other to escape his own inner demons. The focus of the story is on Rudolf’s struggles with depression and anxiety, and his path to healing. Read more