Love Is A Place

Just another corny love poem.

Love is a place.
The place where I belong.
Safe in your arms, the warmth of your smile.
The place that I call home.

Love is a home.
The home we make together
Our memories, our joys, our lows.
The journey we go on.

Love is a journey.
The journey of body and mind.
Our coming together. Making love.
The love that we share.

The love that we share.
The journey we go on.
The place that I call home.
A place to love and be loved.

The (optional) task for Day 10 of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) is to write a love poem. It is very plain and so not saucy, but I was in a hurry. And shy.

Love to you all.
Kind Regards.

NaPoWriMo #10

Admiring The View (NaPoWriMo #3)

Today three strange cars pulled up out front.
One was white, one was green, one a colour in between.
We scratched our heads, we gave a shrug,
because we had no clue what this could mean.

Perhaps their intent was simply to admire the view bucolicus
of our newest creation botanicus.
Spiky grasses, delicate daisies, a blossoming shrub or three.
Look, not even that sap sucking gum tree can stop ’em deadius!

[It gets worse.]

But maybe the onlookers’ intent was far more nefarious.
Salacious desires for substances slightly more licentious.
Or perhaps they were merely lost all three,
but we really find that very hard to believe.

Or just maybe they were salivating over our male buxus.
Told all their sketchy friends to come check it outus.
So maybe we ought to charge a fee to prevent a stampede?
Kid-free, adults a buck, carpooling receives a discount-ious. 😉

Oh my, oh my. That is truly awful. It didn’t exactly go where I expected it to go. The NaPoWriMo optional prompt today was to write a poem in the form of a “glosa”, utilising a quatrain from another poem of our choosing. Since I am a complete newbie to the formal aspects of poetry and poetic forms (not to mention proper English), I didn’t even know what a quatrain was, so I thought I would try to write one of those, ie. a quatrain, instead. I fear I got slightly distracted in the process. As you do.

Immunise To Fraternise

I did my civic duty and had a Covid test today. Nothing serious. I have a few mild symptoms – runny nose, sore throat. Nothing to write a blog about. But, alas. Anyway, I went to a drive-in testing centre. The outside temperature was a cool 4o celcius. Kudos to all the workers who were freezing their arses off to provide this service. Anyway, anyway, I was listening to the radio and there was discussion about the significant level of vaccine hesitancy in the over 50 years age group (ie. the cohort who have been prioritised for Astra Zeneca vaccine in Australia), and the possible need for a marketing jingle to encourage vaccine uptake. Unfortunately that got me thinking. [Truly awful poetry warning]

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Redanther Wallaby Grass Steps Out

Tentative Steps

Elegantly and
Silhouetted softly in
Iridescent green and gold,
Redanther wallaby grass whispers
Excuse me, madam, may I have this dance?”

I just love my redanther wallaby grass. It is growing so magnificently this spring. I’ve never seen it so happy.

Kind Regards.

For Six Word Saturday and Ragtag Daily Prompt – Steps

Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge #11

Welcome to Week 11 of my Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge.  Corvids are birds belonging to the Corvidae family, encompassing ravens, crows, magpies, jays and nutcrackers.  So peruse your corvid photo, poetry, music and story archives and join the challenge.

You can participate in the Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge by creating a pingback to this post (my pingback approval settings are set up for manual approval, so it may take a little while for your pingback to appear) and/or by leaving a hyperlink to your submission in the comments.   Tag your post Corvid-2020 or C20WC.  I really do hope you will join in.

This week I was caught without my camera at a most inopportune time because I decided to go on a walk for exercise and not photography. I was happy with that decision until I saw two very curious ravens. I also got caught out when I failed to prepare for this week’s challenge, so my contribution today took me in a direction that I might not have otherwise chosen. When you’re in a hurry, smut works. Please be advised that the following poem is a complete work of fiction and no birds were caught fornicating. It is too early for that kind of behaviour.

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Camouflage Or Sabotage?

Today I have some clandestine photos to share with you, dear Readers.  Provided on a need-to-know basis.  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.  The subjects are well camouflaged.

I recently went on a short walk with my son for the purpose of some online activity.  Suddenly I heard the unmistakable sound of a bird of prey.  “What was that?” I exclaimed.  “Oh yeah,” my son said, “two sparrow-hawks nest in those pine trees over there.”  To say I was indignant, Ladies and Gentlemen, was a total understatement.  I demanded to know why this information had been withheld from me.  Was the information top-secret, only to be disclosed to those who ‘need-to-know’?  Well, no.  He just forgot.  Can you really believe that? Read more

Sounds of Zen – A Parody

In honour of the National Folk Festival (Australia), which opens tonight (Thursday), I have written a little parody that I thought I would test out on you, dear Readers.  I have no idea whether I will be brave enough to recite it at any of the poetry workshops.  I never have before.  It depends on your feedback.   If you are really brave, you can try to sing along to the tune of the Sounds of Then, which was written and performed by Ganggajang (you’ll have to sing over the top of their words).  I won’t be singing come performance time.  I’ve provided a link to the original song below.  Aussies may find this fun, but others will probably be completely flummoxed.  Please note there is a certain amount of hyperbole used in this poem.

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