Tentative Steps

Elegantly and
Silhouetted softly in
Iridescent green and gold,
Redanther wallaby grass whispers
Excuse me, madam, may I have this dance?”

I just love my redanther wallaby grass. It is growing so magnificently this spring. I’ve never seen it so happy.

Kind Regards.

For Six Word Saturday and Ragtag Daily Prompt – Steps

39 thoughts on “Redanther Wallaby Grass Steps Out

  1. I’d never heard of this particular wallaby grass. I wonder if it will have its red antlers still at Christmas?


    1. I think so. It is a type of tussock grass here. Ah , not sure. A number of insects like it, eg. hoverflies, native bees. I mostly just have my telephoto lens with me – low light, windy, hand-held. A nightmare. There are much better photos by proper photographers out there, but these plants are in my garden and have taken an age to establish so I was really excited to see them doing so well this year. The drought breaking rain has made a huge difference.


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