Today three strange cars pulled up out front.
One was white, one was green, one a colour in between.
We scratched our heads, we gave a shrug,
because we had no clue what this could mean.

Perhaps their intent was simply to admire the view bucolicus
of our newest creation botanicus.
Spiky grasses, delicate daisies, a blossoming shrub or three.
Look, not even that sap sucking gum tree can stop ’em deadius!

[It gets worse.]

But maybe the onlookers’ intent was far more nefarious.
Salacious desires for substances slightly more licentious.
Or perhaps they were merely lost all three,
but we really find that very hard to believe.

Or just maybe they were salivating over our male buxus.
Told all their sketchy friends to come check it outus.
So maybe we ought to charge a fee to prevent a stampede?
Kid-free, adults a buck, carpooling receives a discount-ious. 😉

Oh my, oh my. That is truly awful. It didn’t exactly go where I expected it to go. The NaPoWriMo optional prompt today was to write a poem in the form of a “glosa”, utilising a quatrain from another poem of our choosing. Since I am a complete newbie to the formal aspects of poetry and poetic forms (not to mention proper English), I didn’t even know what a quatrain was, so I thought I would try to write one of those, ie. a quatrain, instead. I fear I got slightly distracted in the process. As you do.

31 thoughts on “Admiring The View (NaPoWriMo #3)

  1. Ah Tracy, and you can write such good’uns! I think it shows a bit that you hadn’t totally embraced your inner muse. But there are really good bits – the insistent rhyming of ‘nefarious’, ‘licentious’, ‘bucolicus’, ‘botanicus’ etc – love it! And well done for posting a poem you don’t feel pleased with. You’ve encouraged me to join in next year. Visiting grandchild imminently lets me off the hook at the moment. Remind me in good time in 2023. And keep ’em coming. A great challenge.

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  2. Oh Tracy, this is devilishly delicious! I always knew there is a poet somewhere there! Please keep them coming!
    By the way, those prompts are optional. You keep writing and maybe next month we will come out with a book of our poems. 😉

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    1. I think I’ve peaked, Punam.
      My TL is back in hospital today. I’ll aim for small contributions.
      And thank you. You are my biggest fan. Fortunately I have a small archive of poetry. I really liked my Corvid poems, even if I do say so myself. 😊

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      1. I hope all is well, Tracy. Take care.
        No, you have not peaked yet! Any contribution will do. You are right I am your biggest fan 😁 and yes, your corvid poems were spectacular and by the end of this month you will have another set of poems to be proud of! ❤️


  3. This was fun to read. Isn’t that what we do when strangers park in front of our houses, we immediately create a story about what we think is going on! I loved where your thoughts went and the word play! Keep writing Tracy!

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  4. I loved this so much and still feel
    The joy from the fun you poured into the playful stanzas!
    Something so
    Fresh and original like this still has me smiling

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  5. ‘…in the form of a “glosa”, utilising a quatrain…’ Holy cow! I’m lost already, but this was so much fun! Please do keep on, Tracy. I loved it.

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  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tracy! I love your sense of humour 🙂 You have no idea how much I needed something to make me smile right now. Mission accomplished. 🙂 ❤

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      1. Thank you, Tracy. Fortunately, my state of mind was because of personal issues; things are still calm, quiet and peaceful here. I think everyone is feeling less threatened now and trying to cope with all the side effects, as well as help however they can.
        Looking forward to the stories to come, your creativity is wonderful thing. ❤

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