Choc-Chips, Pillow Fights and A Jazz Tune

Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

Consistent with our local health policy where you only have to isolate for 7 days if you catch Covid before being allowed to return to the family fold and your beloved kitchen to make chop chip biscuits, my youngest son burst out of his room last Wednesday with joy in his heart and a new job. Since then, my darling child has touched every surface you can possibly imagine, including my mobile (cell) phone. He likes to share (my cooking chocolate and Covid with his father). My True Love is now resting up in his bed chamber while I try to avoid any lingering germs and at the same time, prepare suitable refreshments for my TL’s confinement.

The dogs have learnt that not every meal tray is for them. They can’t believe it and this betrayal is only compounded by their banishment from the infirmary (their sleeping quarters which they share with their people). They now have to sleep with me in the lounge room but the couch can accommodate only one in repose.

“Your pillow is my new favourite pillow, mum.”

That is the same pillow and couch that the choc-chip monster has been lounging on for the last two days.

But enough of my musings, it is time for a song. Today my pick is St James Infirmary performed by Hugh Laurie. Enjoy.

No really, I’m fine. Maybe a bit of a sore throat. My TL is mending.

Be fine, everyone.

Kind Regards.

Damn Hard Work

Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

Photo by Yan Krukov on

Like many cities, Canberra’s daily Covid case numbers continue at high levels. Across Australia, many more have died in these last six months than the previous two years combined. For thousands of others, long Covid has left its mark and some have died prematurely due to the mental and physical damage that a Covid infection caused. Most people want to carry on as best they can but it is hard, exhausting work. They can do no more but they can’t do enough either to meet the huge ongoing need for, well, everything. There are often two or three courier vans servicing our street at any given time. In other jurisdictions of Australia, essential workers are striking for better pay and conditions. Their workload is not sustainable.

Meanwhile, my youngest son hasn’t been able to crack a job yet. He is in a difficult position where he gave up an exploitative job that underpaid him, so that he could concentrate on finishing his studies. [I did offer to picket the bakery but my son didn’t think that would be such a good idea.] Unfortunately, he doesn’t yet have any work experience in his profession of choice, so winning a job is proving tricky. Further afield, other employers seem unwilling to hire him because they think he might soon leave them for greener pastures. I am confident that my son will get a job eventually. However, that will have to wait because, right now, he has Covid after I sent him out to buy a decent shirt so that he would look prettier at his next interview. Thankfully, although he is quite unwell, he seems to be doing okay. In other positive news, the rest of us in the family have not succumbed to the virus. Not yet, anyway. I’m a bit wary about going into the shared bathroom and had a shower yesterday with my mask on.

But enough of my musings, it is time for a song. Today I’ve chosen an Aussie classic, Chained To The Wheel, performed by The Black Sorrows. The song was written by lead singer, Joe Camilleri, together with Nick Smith. Can you believe John Denver did a cover of this hit? Anyway, here is the original. I hope you enjoy it.

Take care, everyone. Work hard, stay as well as you can, and make ’em pay.

Kind Regards.

Numbers Down

Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

Canberra’s coronavirus restrictions were eased slightly at the end of last week and will be further eased at the end of this week. Some restrictions will remain but we can now connect again with friends and family, albeit in small numbers. Stay-at-home provisions have applied since Delta arrived here nine weeks ago. During that time, I have taken great comfort from the competent, calm, compassionate and informative approach of public health officials in our local government. The health team and the government could not have been any clearer about what they needed us to do, and because no sector of the community were given preferential treatment over another, Ken Behrens* largely did what was asked of us. I think it is fair to say that at times our Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerryn Coleman, outshone others in the spotlight. I’m such a fan.

One of the many strategies to help us open safely has been to get as many Canberrans vaccinated as quickly as possible. Just prior to lockdown, approximately 48 percent of the Canberra population over 12 years of age had had one dose of one of the Covid vaccines, while just shy of 25 percent of us were fully vaccinated. Now 98 percent of us have had one dose and 83 percent of eligible Canberrans are already fully vaccinated. Howzat! Thankfully the rest of Australia is not far behind us. Unfortunately, a small number of Canberrans have died over this period and our hearts go out to their families. The vaccines are very effective but as we have learned there still can be breakthrough infections. There is also likely a growing group of Canberrans whose vaccine protection is waning and who, therefore, will need to get a top up quite soon. It does sound like there will be no rest yet for the public health team and frontline health workers who have been working so tirelessly to keep us safe.

Today, my shout-out is to Canberra’s health workers, and Dr Coleman in particular. Thanks for caring. As Dr Coleman is originally a sand-groper (that is, someone from Western Australia), I thought I would choose my Friday song from a singer/songwriter from that state. Today, I have chosen Andrew Winton, performing his song Number’s Down. How apt, don’t you think? The chorus is very easy, so sing it with me.

Take care, everyone.

Kind Regards.

* Each day over the last nine weeks, members of the ACT government have held a press conference to keep Canberrans informed of how the Delta outbreak was unfolding and the necessary steps to keep us safe. During one of these press conferences, there was a sub-titling error that referred to Canberrans as Ken Behrens and henceforth the name has been adopted wholeheartedly by the Canberra community.

The Changing Seasons – Sept 2021

Canberra (Australia) – The ground work has been done. Life in lockdown has heightened our senses. Spring tease, you flirty dear, we’re coming for you. [I am combining my Changing Seasons post with my Friday song day post. Enjoy.]

The days grow longer, the wind blows stronger, and my energy returns. There is light at the end of the Covid tunnel. Maybe. Hopefully. Not sure.

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Walk In Their Shoes

Welcome to a little bit of everything – my Friday Song day, the Lens-Artists (Keep Walking) and Last Photo (for August) Challenges.

I jokingly said to someone recently that I like my solitary walks because when I go walking with my True Love, he always points out some small, fast moving creature that is off before I ever set eyes on it. Then, I feel like I’ve missed out on something. Over the years, I’ve found that is a feeling I have to let go. In any case, there’s always so much else to see if only I care to look. Do you feel that you must bring a photo home from every expedition? Do you always expect a medal for something good that you’ve done? Maybe we should focus on participating rather than the prize? If I can’t snap the small, fast moving creature, I am perfectly happy with a tree. Trees – there should be more of them.

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The Changing Seasons – August 2021

Canberra (Australia) – Waiting for spring, waiting for Covid to come to the national capital, waiting for vaccines for young adults and kids. Waiting.

In the lull before the coronavirus arrived in town, I bought some native plants to create a fire hazard woody grassland on the nature strip (aka footpath) out the front of my place (no photos as the plants are too small). I then spent the rest of the month trying to keep cars from driving over my babies. I was also preoccupied mosaicing on a few sunny days. Consequently, I did not stock up on groceries. I also spent time worrying about the growing coronavirus case numbers in New South Wales and Victora (Australia). And, of course, waiting.

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Take Me Away

Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

It has been a distressing week here and across the world for many reasons. These troubles have been the subject of extensive reporting so I won’t go into those matters now. Instead, I would like to acknowledge the incredible work that everyone has been doing in Australia to respond to the growing Delta outbreak here.

The New South Wales government has made some mistakes which has allowed the virus to grow exponentially. We don’t know whether it would have been possible to contain it anyway, but they hesitated. This, however, in no way diminishes the huge effort of frontline and other essential workers, as well as Sydney residents who are turning out to get vaccinated, to try to minimise infections. Thank you all. Great jab.

Many will know that the Sydney outbreak has made its way to Canberra. Here in Canberra, we have just completed our first week of quiet time and movement restrictions. Canberrans have been re-organising their lives, monitoring the growing number of exposure sites, getting tested and otherwise staying at home.

I don’t often heap praise on politicians, but I hope you forgive me this one indulgence. I have been greatly impressed by the responsiveness and swift actions of our local government to keep Canberrans safe. It has been a huge effort and I really, really appreciate it. Of course, I cannot speak for those who have been in quarantine after having caught the virus or who have been a close or casual contact. Our youngest son’s timing was impeccable, missing “the excitement” by a mere hour. Commiserations to those who haven’t been so lucky. I hope you have friends and family who can keep the chips and chocolates flowing to you.

Speaking of chips and chocolates, my eldest son who is in his mid 20s, got tired of waiting for the Pfizer vaccine, so he got the AstraZeneca yesterday. He rang my GP and it took him less than 24 hours to get an appointment to get the jab. Despite my other son’s lucky escape, he has decided to wait for the former. It will be an experiment to see who is fully vaccinated first. There is one thing for sure, and that is, whoever wins will have to go out and get the chips and chocolates. Given the difficulties in obtaining grocery deliveries, I wonder whether this is a reason some people are breaking quarantine in Sydney?

Anyway, I need to turn off the wondering and the wandering for a while. Let’s have a song. Is Norah Jones singing Come Away With Me acceptable? Take us away, Norah.

Stay safe, stay sane, everyone.

Kind Regards.