Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

Consistent with our local health policy where you only have to isolate for 7 days if you catch Covid before being allowed to return to the family fold and your beloved kitchen to make chop chip biscuits, my youngest son burst out of his room last Wednesday with joy in his heart and a new job. Since then, my darling child has touched every surface you can possibly imagine, including my mobile (cell) phone. He likes to share (my cooking chocolate and Covid with his father). My True Love is now resting up in his bed chamber while I try to avoid any lingering germs and at the same time, prepare suitable refreshments for my TL’s confinement.

The dogs have learnt that not every meal tray is for them. They can’t believe it and this betrayal is only compounded by their banishment from the infirmary (their sleeping quarters which they share with their people). They now have to sleep with me in the lounge room but the couch can accommodate only one in repose.

“Your pillow is my new favourite pillow, mum.”

That is the same pillow and couch that the choc-chip monster has been lounging on for the last two days.

But enough of my musings, it is time for a song. Today my pick is St James Infirmary performed by Hugh Laurie. Enjoy.

No really, I’m fine. Maybe a bit of a sore throat. My TL is mending.

Be fine, everyone.

Kind Regards.

29 thoughts on “Choc-Chips, Pillow Fights and A Jazz Tune

  1. Well we have similar things going on Tracy. My son got Covid pneumonia and we ran up to Reno twice to help. Now I have a sore throat! Kids!! My husband is fine. I hope your sore throat is just that and your TL continues to mend. Great song choice. I do miss the Sacramento Jazz Festival.

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    1. Anne, I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to have a proper look at your local vistas. I will though. I saw that you had done an emergency dash to your son. That must have been so frightening. I think my family caught the strain that affects the upper respiratory tract but I read there are Omicron babies that target the lungs. Perhaps your son has that version…. i wish him a speedy recovery and also hope you weren’t exposed. We had sun today. The first time in weeks. I went for a long walk and am much improved.
      I hope the biomed companies develop a vaccine that can out compete the variants soon to .make life easier and bring back live music into our world.

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      1. Thanks Tracy. Both my husband and I were Covid tested when we got back from Reno and we don’t have it. I do have a lousy cold. My son is improving slowly. I’m glad you were able to get out in the fresh air. Please continue to regain your health.


    1. I’m ready for the finale now, Martha.
      My son is very pleased about the boring job but it’s a start and although the money is awful it is more than he has ever earned in his life.
      PS. I have found a song for you. I will message you because you could probably do with it right now.


  2. Sending you a big hug and bestest wishes from the Southern Highlands . . . may life get less complicated each time the sun comes up over the horizon. Methinks, as oft before, your choice of music uncannily fits the scene . . . for most of us ! Adore Hugh Laurie . . . right from his days with Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson et al. The blues sound just right . . . I love watching the hands . . . thank you and be wellt . . .

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    1. Hello, Eha. I am delighted to hear from you again. Thank you for those kind words. Bestest wishes and a hug to you too. I didn’t know Hugh Laurie but I saw he had covered the song and thought I would have a listen. His piano solo fit my mood and just when I thought the magic was over, he broke into song. Equally good. I thought the ‘so cold’ line very apt. Stay well, stay warm, Eha.

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      1. Tracy – when you want to get ‘away’ for a few moments from the everyday negatives – do look up Hugh Laurie. Fascinating man best known for his part in the US series ‘House’. BUT, he comes from a Brit medical family, is a Cambridge graduate in archaeology or anthropology or similar and quite a linguist – a real interesting bod who got fed-up with studies and got in with the Uni theatre crowd . . . he and Stephen Fry got themselves a BBC show but were too clever for most people tuning in . . . fun story . . . another hug and have a decent weekend . . .

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  3. Oh I really enjoyed that. Some people seem to have more than their fair share of talent, don’t they?
    It sounds as though things are on the improve for you Tracy. Keep it up!

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  4. well Tracy, quite like a symphony where every instrument has a part but they work together as a whole! I had covid myself back in February and my husband never got it despite our having lived our normal lives for 4 days after my first test (negative) but before my second (positive). It’s the weirdest thing, isn’t it?! Hope your entire household is back to full health by now. And DO look up Hugh, he’s phenomenal!

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