Welcome to a little bit of everything – my Friday Song day, the Lens-Artists (Keep Walking) and Last Photo (for August) Challenges.

I jokingly said to someone recently that I like my solitary walks because when I go walking with my True Love, he always points out some small, fast moving creature that is off before I ever set eyes on it. Then, I feel like I’ve missed out on something. Over the years, I’ve found that is a feeling I have to let go. In any case, there’s always so much else to see if only I care to look. Do you feel that you must bring a photo home from every expedition? Do you always expect a medal for something good that you’ve done? Maybe we should focus on participating rather than the prize? If I can’t snap the small, fast moving creature, I am perfectly happy with a tree. Trees – there should be more of them.

Our quiet time rules changed today. We are now permitted two hours recreation and exercise every day. I guess it might be difficult to ride your horse if you only have an hour to spare, so two hours is definitely better. This horse was full of beans. Apologies for the fuzzy photo but it was very late in the afternoon.

Speaking of late, here is the last photo on my camera card for August. The photo is unedited as required by the challenge rules. Sometimes we have to follow the rules for a common purpose. Even so, the subject was mine to choose. It worked out okay.

Some creatures are very adaptable. Australian magpies spend a lot of time on the ground. With their long legs, they can walk easily. They don’t hop like many other birds. Even with a a sore paw, this magpie had no problem walking or running. Something put the wind up him though. What? The answer, my friend, is … No that’s not the Friday song.

The other day, I offered commiserations to students and staff of the Lyneham High band program. A number of the band students caught Covid in the current Canberra (Australia) outbreak. Today, I am dedicating my Friday tune to them. I once heard one of the year bands play this particular tune very beautifully. I bet other bands going through the system have played this tune just as beautifully and will do so again when school is back to normal. The piece is Steven Reineke’s composition for concert band, Pilatus: Mountain of Dragons. The story goes that a group of men are sent to slay the Pilatus dragon. All but one of the men die. One is spared by the dying dragon who, in an act of compassion, offers his own special healing stone to heal the intruder. Compassion – there should be more of that too. Enjoy.

Be your best dragon, ladies and gentlemen.

Kind Regards.

34 thoughts on “Walk In Their Shoes

  1. I looked online for more information on this tune. The comments from former high school band members was wonderful! So much love and admiration for this piece.

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  2. Enjoy reading your post, Tracy. Wonderful photos for this walk theme. The tree is magnificent. I agree, we need more trees. Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

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  3. You have such eclectic taste in music, Tracy – I so look forward to your song selection each week!
    I have never heard this piece before (and I love band music): the oboe opening was so beautiful; and then when it played a duet with the flute – goodness! I was a goner. The change in pace in the 2nd movement was such fun! That haunting melody refraining through the piece. Sigh.

    I also love the story. Yes, compassion. We could all use a little more. A reminder for me that it starts right here.

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    1. ❤ I will have to keep going with Friday song day then, Ju-Lyn. I fortunately have a family with very different tastes which rubs off on me. I don’t think any of them listen to mainstream radio. I once did, hence I’m still stuck in the disco era. Haha.


      1. Not at all, Tracy – yours are not random song selections but music chosen to reflect the mood of your week. So, I stand by my word choice! 🙂


  4. That tree pic is awesome, Tracy. I miss small things too!

    A lot has been said by other bloggers about your wide ranging musical taste, all I will say is I look forward to it to brighten my weekend. 😊

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