For Covid’s sake, a spring procrastination and shopping poem.

Bob’s Hope

Pleased to say nothing much
is going on here in these tetchy,
dodg’em Covid days. So while I might
be quite contrary, I am certain I shall not
be overcome by questions on epidemiology.
Let me explain.

Gradual easing is plainly understood
by those who don their masks
for common good. Postal workers, help me,
please, for I need you to stay thus
Covid-free. For me, for you and family,
for your dog, and to help our gardens grow.
This is not some doggone conspiracy.

No time to sit back and relax. On the contrary.
it’s time to work, work, work – mask in hand
or under nose. Spring is here
and I’m all fired up to shop, shop, shop
for fabric samples for testing dyes
extracted from the most luxuriant blooms
of Bob Hope’s stunning bumper crop.

That’s how it is and how it should be.
Except for the mask bit.
The mask goes on your bloomin’ face.
Covers your mouth and your nose.
Uncomplicated, simple, not a joke.

My Camellia japonica “Bob Hope” has been flowering now for two months. I really should try to make some fabric dye, if only I knew how. Boil up some camellia leaves with salt, chuck in an old T-shirt. How difficult can it be?

Stay safe, stay sane or write some truly awful poetry.

Kind Regards.

30 thoughts on “Bob’s Hope

  1. Ha ha… good luck with the dying. Incidentally, on a side note, the powers that be in QLD are debating the “assisted dying bill” today….🤭 oh and don’t forget the QR scan!!!🙄😷

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    1. Thanks, Pauline. I’m all talk and no action on the dying. 🤣
      I hope the assisted dying bill is passed there. I think it gives people some comfort to know that option exists, even if they decide ultimately not to go ahead.
      It would be great to have a bill like that here. Unfortunately, the Federal government can overturn ACT legislation.

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  2. But it’s not awful. It expresses how many of us feel. You’d love our Houses of Parliament at the moment. There are all the Opposition MPs, properly masked up. But our wonderful party of government, the Tories? Hardly a mask in sight. Says it all. Good luck with the dyeing!

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    1. Most people are actually really good which is relief. There are very few that are deliberately non compliant with the health orders. There is another group where it is more like a wardrobe malfunction. There was one fellow who looked like a science boffin. He was wearing a very baggy mask that was falling off his face. I almost asked him whether his mother had forgotten to dress him that day!
      Maybe you should move to Scotland, Margaret?

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  3. You should send your poem to our Premier. Seems he thinks people should just do the right thing and mask. I’m sure you can imagine how that’s going… Worst in Canada…He totally ignores recommendations by the Health Authority.
    On a brighter note, your Bob Hope is gorgeous. I bet you can smell it right through the mask.

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  4. Goodness! I am laughing and shaking my head – your comedic timing in poetry is a work of art! And the point comes through loud and clear. Now, if only those who need to will listen.

    Gorgeous flowers. But no Bob Hope song? Oops, not Friday yet! How about his one?

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  5. Enjoy your spring! And yes, it is amazing how many people don’t seem to understand how to wear a mask. I’m thinking that the signs shouldn’t say “masks required.” They should say “it is required that your nose and mouth be completely covered!” At least that’s more to the point……

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