In a moment of sheer panic and disbelief, I revealed something of myself, that is, a nagging concern about my forgetfulness and seemingly habitual carelessness. I am sure this came as no surprise to anyone given the name of this blog site.

I will let you in on something else important to me. I love photography. That is why I was so cross with myself when I recently lost my camera SD card. I only have two cards, one good and one not so good. Photography is a window to the world, a place mark and time stamp, don’t you think? It organises me.

I am calmer, more observant and patient when I am taking photos. I find that which is hidden may be revealed by chance or as it catches the light. Somewhere. Somehow.

Too much suspense?

So when I eventually found my SD card, I was immensely relieved. It was not in the fridge or under the fridge, in the bathroom or at the bottom of a bag of weeds as I feared. The dog hadn’t eaten it, nor was it on any shelf known to harbor such treasured objects. I owe its discovery all to you, dear Readers, and your kind and sympathetic comments. I really do. Because when I opened my laptop to respond to those comments, there it was. Surprise!

I should blog more often, don’t you think? Anyway, it makes a good story with a happy ending.

Take care, everyone, and thank you.

Kind Regards.

43 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. I’ve never lost a card, but I have ended up miles from home without a card in my camera. Needless to say, that can be remedied, too –but only with a little more travel and a few extra dollars. I’m glad your discovery required neither.

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  2. All’s well that ends well! I once found mine in the SD card slot when I could have sworn I’d looked there! …”at the bottom of a bag of weeds ” made me chuckle. I once had to empty an entire bin of garden waste because I’d lost the shed key and yes, I had thrown it in the bin along with the weeds!! Don’t even ask me how many snips and secateurs have gone missing.

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  3. As my grandmother used to say when we lost something, “It’ll be in the last place you look.” We didn’t understand that when we were little kids. Somehow we thought she knew where it was and was being mysterious. She was just being funny. ❀️

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  4. Phew! Well, maybe you could help me find the last piece to my jigsaw puzzle. 1500 pieces was 1499 and it disturbed me immensely – it was such a beautiful and interesting puzzle…..grrrrrr I have asked Milo, but he revealed nothing…

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      1. Honestly, it must have disappeared in another way…I am contemplating buying a new puzzle. I really get obsessed with things like this. I want my world to be coherent if I can make it…

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