I worry about being forgetful. Don’t we all? My memory has never been very good but now it is dreadful. Apparently I’m supposed to remember how old I am but I can’t keep my age in my head. It changes all the time!

Today I lost my camera SD card. The good one. I remember putting it down on my desk and thinking that wasn’t a very secure place to leave it. Now it is no where to be found. I checked my bra, not there. Before you ask, it isn’t in the camera either. If I find it in the fridge, pantry or dishwasher, I’ll know something is seriously wrong with my memory. However the question is, if I never find it, is that better or worse?

47 thoughts on “Lost In Space

      1. 🀣🀣 It’s a bizarre place to store a SD card, surely?! But not a bottle of milk 😏

        My silliest moment recently was suddenly realising I didn’t know where I’d put my phone down and hunting around the room for it … while I was actually talking ON the phone to a friend!


  1. I’m OCD about having a place for everything and everything in its place. Otherwise, I can’t remember anything.

    Currently, I am not really blogging as I can’t remember how to write more than one sentence (or two).

    Takes me minutes to remember how to spell common words and not only that, I have to Google many words as I don’t know whether I have the right word.

    I even had a brain scan late last year to double-check what’s happening ‘up there’. All it showed was the normal deterioration for someone my age, tortuous blood vessels in my brain and the small aneurysm that was (uhmmm can’t think of the word I want). Anyway, the aneurysm hasn’t grown in size over the last two annual brain scans so all’s well.

    Before Christmas, I used to spend hours looking for an old photo and then, when I found it……I couldn’t remember why I was looking for it. πŸ˜€

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    1. I can relate to all of that, Vicki. Not the aneurysm part, which seems awfully scary to me, but I guess many of us have medical issues that increase our cognitive load and meddle with our concentration. You must have been relieved to get that good news. Like you, I have systems too, but when I have to leave things half done, those systems kind of get unstuck. I spend a lot of time looking for photos too only to miss photo challenges, hence I tend to my own thing. Tagging my photos takes time and I always promise myself that I’ll do it later … Can you hear those violins playing? πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh, goodness Tracy, I am doing this sort of thing all the time! And mixing words up too, it would be quite funny if it wasn’t slightly worrying! As for the SD card, check anything it might have attached itself too. It’s surprising where these darn things can go.

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  3. patience and kindness to yourself, Tracy, and good luck. I have found that the more I relax, the more likely I am to find a misplaced item. And yes, I’ve become quite compulsive about items like keys and phones.

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    1. You are right, Steph. My family hasn’t noticed a change but subjectively I feel I am struggling more. However, I am busier than I have been for quite some time so perhaps this is the cause of my increased distractability. I’ve learnt my lesson though so I’ll make a rule for myself not to leave the card lying around. I used to have this little tracking device that I attached to my keys but unfortunately I kept losing it. πŸ˜‰

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  4. I know this feeling. Since Covid it’s been a problem for me — off and on. Yesterday good god I seriously “lost” and forgot and wandered around bewildered. For me it’s worse if I don’t sleep. Being busy or preoccupied does it to me too. It’s new and it’s scary. Be patient with yourself. The card will show up. ❀️

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    1. Whoa, discombobulation. It’s all the more weird if you are not used to that feeling. Perhaps you were thinking of something new at the time. It happens to me too when I am tired and preoccupied. Unfortunately, I am preoccupied a lot. A friend tells me I am always thinking … It did show up but you know how I like a good story . Later.

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  5. We lose things ALL the time in our house. I am working towards order but it’s very hard to get all to comply… even the one imposing the order. And, even if I try to put something in a secure place, it doesn’t mean I’ll remember where that secure place is. It’s incredibly frustrating.

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    1. Oh yes, it does seem to run in families. I thought it might be better once I wasn’t running around after children and the nightmare which was keeping up with school notes and homework timetables that have now gone online, and in some ways it is better but other things fill the day and the mind …

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  6. Ah, read all your comments too – and it seems we are not alone! I laughed at Sarah’s comment about the phone – I have done that more than once…And, keys and phone are my most forgotten things. I guess this problem will only get worse…I have stopped worrying about my memory, for now. My mother got Alzheimers, so maybe I am on my way, but there is nothing to do about it. I had better forget about that too…
    Hope you will find your card! I had a friend who put it in her bra – and then it was lost for ever.

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      1. True about aged care, yes. And, I often go out with my computer glasses on, and wonder why things are so blurred. I have even been driving the car with them on…not good.

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