I have been feeling a tad too boring to be blogging lately. Digging weeds day after day makes for pretty dull conversation. Also, somehow I had gotten it into my head that the quiet byways that I used to frequent were now inundated by crowds of people enjoying “nature” and therefore to be avoided. How selfish of me, but as per usual, it was nothing like I thought.

Anyway, I went out today. I saw less than a handful of people. I even said hello. It didn’t kill me. It was actually kind of nice. I had forgotten about the autumn light. Better make the most of it – the light, the time, the quiet.

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Finding Peace. It is only one photo but you have to start somewhere.

So? How are roo?

Kind Regards.

48 thoughts on “You’ve Always Got the Roos

      1. Novel writing is very hard work, and I still need to hit up some brick-and-mortar libraries out of state. I’m sorry to hear that your rodent plague continues. I hope they’re staying out of your house.

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      2. I can’t think of anything harder, Liz. Research is hard too. Gold star for your efforts.
        The rats are outside rats but when it starts getting really cold , they will be checking our house defences. The neighbour has FINALLY got a compost bin so the warm compost heap won’t be available to them this winter.

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  1. I know how that feels — this season people are here to see the cranes and I kind of resent and kind of love them. When I talk to one it’s almost always wonderful. I’m glad they’re here because, in the grand scheme, it’s good for my valley, but…

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  2. I know it’s autumn for you Tracy, but it’s “astronomical” spring around my end of things. Today was the first time I saw the sunset through my northern winter. Spring isn’t here yet, but soon. Whenever I see your posts about nature I have to allow my mind to wrap around the fact that our seasons are reversed. Enjoy autumn.

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