Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

International readers may not have heard that parts of eastern Australia have copped yet another drenching and houses and businesses have been flooded again less than a month after the last deluge. More lives have been lost. It seems we will soon be a country of environmental migrants (note: environmental refugee is not an officially recognised term). If we can’t adequately look after our own environmental “migrants”, then how on earth will we be able to offer reasonable assistance to the hundreds of millions of environmental refugees (let’s call it what it is) expected in the future under current climate warming projections?

It seems nothing is going to stop Aussie state and federal governments and their so-called independent planning agencies approving more new coal and gas projects.

I could be churlish and note that the former deputy PM in the current national government suggested that Pacific Islanders would survive climate change because they come to Australia to pick our fruit! It is no wonder some Pacific nations are making their own arrangements to secure their future.

Anyway, I couldn’t help wonder whether the Byron Bay BluesFest would be held this Easter given the flooding in that region. Apparently it is going ahead.

Photo by Max Ravier on Pexels.com

I read that some displaced people currently in emergency accommodation will need to move outside the Byron area temporarily due to the influx of tourists to the region over Easter. It never rains, it pours. What’s the forecast? Anyway, a certain video streaming service must have been reading my mind because it presented me with Australian artist, Xavier Rudd, who will be performing at BluesFest. Here is a short film made for his song, Stoney Creek. Let’s have a listen to it.

I hope the sun shines on the festival. It has been very difficult over the last couple of years for musicians and all the ancillary businesses that rely on the show going on for their livelihood.

Take care, everyone. Stay safe.

Kind Regards.

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  1. Thanks Tracy. Your post reflects what many of us are thinking, I”m almost sure. I watched Q & A last night and remembered all the reasons I don’t watch it. Politicians (at least from the two major parties) just won’t answer questions properly. It’s all point-scoring. Frankly it’s hard to see the point in asking them anything. It’s hard to find any integrity. I did enjoy Jaqui Lambie’s one-liners though. She’s honest. Anyway, thanks for the Xavier Rudd video. I thoroughly enjoyed the audio and the visuals.

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    1. My husband can’t bear watching Q & A either, Wormsie. It is point scoring and in the process, they diminish themselves. Jacqui Lambie seems willing to listen to her constituents. I am glad she is not up for re-election this time round. I’ve got a lot of respect for Rex Patrick too. I think the ACT is ripped off by having only two senators, unlike the states’ 12 each.
      I’m so pleased you liked the music.

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  2. Fruit picking is apparently what migrants are for, in the minds of some of our MPs too. Apparently Ukrainians coming to the UK should be pleased to find work of this kind once they fetch up on our shores. Bad news about your further flooding too.

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    1. The flooding is fairly concentrated, Liz, but it is in quite a high population area. It is awful what they are going through, and of course it is compounded by the crisis
      in affordable housing.
      I’m so pleased you liked the song, Liz. I enjoyed it too.

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  3. Isn’t Mother Nature funny, we are in drought and you are flooding! However, government seem to be the same in most countries. Makes you wonder! I hope your rainfall lessens to a nurturing state. Thanks for the beautiful song to start my day.

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    1. I think April is supposed to be a wet month for those in the areas experiencing flooding. We’ve had very little rain in my part of Australia recently, Anne. Just enough to wet the surface with anything below the first centimetre very dry. Like north America, it’s a big country and there has been drought and fires on the west coast. It always seems drier on the west coast of countries. There’s a reason for that, probably trade winds, but don’t quote me on that, Anne. Your drought is heartbreaking. I understand water storage is very low. Perhaps we will do a switcheroo this year, although I am not looking forward to breaking 40c degrees temps again.
      So pleased that you liked the song though. Take care, Anne.

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    1. Thanks for dropping in to listen, Punam. I hope they have a great festival too. We also have a Canberra festival on at the same time, although I won’t be going to that. I’m in two minds about the big trade deal we have just signed with India. Much is sacrificed for expedience, if you get my drift.

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      1. You are welcome, Tracy. Anything that gives employment to people, brings smiles on faces without disrupting ordinary lives and the delicate balance of our earth, has my vote.
        I was reading about it in the papers today, I too am in two minds. Much is also hidden behind the mumbo-jumbo of friendly relations and sharing same outlook (by both the countries, of course.)!

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