All Kinds of Awful

The Queensland Resources Council has just announced that Queensland (Australia) coal exports have reached a record high.  The Australian government must be jumping for joy, with the resources sector once again contributing substantial growth in federal revenues (and the election war-chest).  Apparently two thirds of our coal is destined for steel making, while the remainder will be used for power generation.

Maybe it is just sour grapes, but the news does not lighten my current mood or temperature, which can best be described as volcanic.  Why?  Because short-term gains are being put before long-term national interests, and because I am sweltering in my lounge room through yet another extended extreme heatwave.  My phone tells me it is 41º celcius (105º F) outside. Read more

Food for Thought

I have been concerned for sometime about the environmental cost of disposing of my body when the time should arise.  In Australia, cremation rates are increasing.  According to some sources, there is a 50/50 split nationally between burial and cremation.  In urban areas, cremations now make up over 65% of funerals and this figure is growing. Read more