The theme for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is Low Light. I thought I would join in. I enjoy low light photography. The words moody and dramatic spring to mind. It’s the realm of the arty farty, don’t you think? I like that word. Realm. I like arty farty too. Anyway, today I have four photos. The first three were snapped by my True Love (TL) and I took, and mucked around with, the fourth one. Please note that we don’t do mornings.

Kangaroo mob in the late afternoon.

View of Mount Painter in Canberra’s northwest. My TL was photographing birds so there was no time to change settings when he noticed what was happening in the background. He who hesitates, etc.

The following photo is of my mum and B’s house, or at least it was until the end of last year. Talk about midnight at the oasis. They moved off the farm into town.

I thought I should finish this series with a photo of the photographer himself. To protect his privacy, I darkened an already dim photo.

Fortunately there are not enough hours in the day.

Apologies if you have the Maria Muldaur song/earworm stuck in your head now. You know how to fix that.

Take care, everyone.

Kind Regards.

61 thoughts on “Hello Darkness

  1. Excellent examples of low light photography Tracy. I like your TL’s second picture of the sky. It’s so moody. Mine is an astronomer who does imaging. So he takes pictures at night and I take them during the day. Take care.

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      1. Not out and about much at all, Tracey, but I’m working on a solution to that. May take some time though. Have to resolve some more health stuff first. Boring, but persistently frustrating.

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  2. I still think it is cool that Kangaroos are part of your everyday landscape. They are fun to watch. The cloud cover/view of Mount Painter looks like a huge wave. Nice collections. Donna

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  3. moody dramatic realm arty-farty
    All such delicious words! and I, too, love low-light images – leaves room for so much imagining! Again I say, True Love has a rather fabulous eye!

    The song that spun in my ear was Sound of Silence. As I have never heard Maria Mauldaur (very narrow music education), I youtubed. I love Tuba Skinny & their Sound.

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  4. Wonderful set of photos, Tracy. Your TL did a great job with the kangaroo photo. Very well composed and lucky to get a good shot. The moody sky and backdrop only highlights the kangaroos further. The second shot is also amazing too. Nature can be a wonderful canvas for our art and photography. Like you, I don’t do mornings. I do feel there aren’t enough evening hours in the day, and not long enough nights in the middle of the year here in Melbourne. I just love evenings with longer and more light. But that can mean early, wonderful sunsets.

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    1. Hello Mabel. Thank you for the lovely comment. Nature is indeed a wonderful canvas. I would have been lost without it over the last couple of years.
      Like Melbourne, the days are getting shorter so we will soon have those beautiful autumn sunsets, as well as more night time hours to keep us night owls happy. โ˜บ๏ธ

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      1. That’s true, more night time hours. Though I love the sunlight, I am a night owl too. Nothing like staying up late and feeling creative. Hope you get many more nice photos this year, Tracy. Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

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