Needing a distraction, I have taken to Photoshop to bring you a couple of black and white thingys in response to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Black And White.

Our host, Anne, has asked us to explain how we’ve processed the photos. I’ve only got a couple of photos for this challenge because my aim is to stay off the computer as much as possible due to injury. Both photos were originally taken in colour. As I don’t have any fancy editing software, I used basic Photoshop to convert both to black and white. Let’s see how I went.

First one in colour – I took the photo below in both JPEG and RAW formats. The snap below is the JPEG. It is a bit ordinary. I’ve got better photos of the same plant but those shots didn’t translate well to black and white for some reason.

l processed the RAW version in Photoshop converting it to black and white. Beyond that, I made no further adjustments. I liked it immediately. If this photo was on the ceiling of my dentist’s office, I could look at it for a long time, tracing the veins and edges of the leaves with my eyes. If it was on my wall when certain people were giving a press conference, I could ignore that press conference completely. See what I mean? Mental Health Day. What about you?

Second one in colour – My True Love snapped this photo of a wattle bird on our clothes line. This photo was available in JPEG only. The bird seemed nervous but curious. I was nervous for our clothes.

I converted the JPEG to B&W in Photoshop, but it still lacked something. It looked too despondent and downtrodden for the mood I was trying to create. I decided to funk it up by applying the “Poster Edge” filter. I preferred it with the speckling so I left that in. I think the filter makes it more edgy and a bit retro. Probably wouldn’t go so well on the dentist’s ceiling though. What do you think?

Anyway, I’m done. See you round like a rissole.

Kind Regards.

41 thoughts on “Black And White Mental Health Day

  1. I love the veins, as you say, in image 1. Image 2 is fascinating in how the background has gone all geometric. The bird looks almost imposed. But the bird’s feathers/patterning stands out beautifully!! Not sure it suits a dentist ceiling. It looks more like very cool graffiti/street art. πŸ™‚

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  2. I really like the wattle bird on the clothes line, colour version. What a great photo! I’m surprised a bird of that size with big claws would even perch there! In my imagination he’s daring you to chase him off! I would’ve been fretting for my washing for sure. Has he got a yellow belly?

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  3. I like both Photoshop thingys. I have two day-long strategic planning events at work via Zoom this week. I’ll have to print out the Mental Health photo to have it close at hand when I feel a scream coming on. πŸ˜‰ Have a good week, Tracy!

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  4. Well, first I had to look up ‘rissole’….. I really like the bird photo. Very edgy! I’m thinking the leaves would have looked good that way, too. More veiny. I like it! See you round, Tracy. Like a rissole. πŸ˜‰

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  5. I could definitely enjoy the first photo in black and white on the ceiling at the dentist. Very calming. I like the colour version of the second photo. The pop of red and green gives it more life! Hope you didn’t have to redo the laundry!

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  6. Tracy, well done on your black and white conversions. I could also stare at the leaves’ veins and love the filter you used on the bird. I hope your injury heals quickly because I enjoy your photos. And, thanks for playing along with my challenge!

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      1. I’m not sure. I probably should go to the doctor. Sore back, neck, shoulders, arm, hands. It is reminiscent of the start of the frozen shoulders and subsequent fibromyalgia I had many years ago. But who knows, I am older now so maybe I am just more creaky.

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  7. I have always loved BW photos – they bring such an interesting dimension to a capture. I am glad that you had fun working on yours, and that they provided you with a sense of wellness (we all need more of that!)

    Love what you’ve done with the birdie – it’s so funky! I could happily get lost in both, though …

    I tried to look up “see you round like a rissole” but couldn’t really find anything – help?

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    1. A rissole is a meat pattie. Not big and flat. Like a reasonable sized meat ball flattened out a bit, cooked on the stove top in a frying pan. It just means see you later or see you around.
      By the way, rissoles are very tasty when onion, spring o ions and peanut butter are added to the mixture. Though of course that is irrelevant to vegetarians. πŸ₯• Ooh, maybe a bit of grated carrot too.


      1. I did see photographs – yours is a great explanation … the PB is an interesting ingredient! I’d bet we could make a vegetarian version with beans, onions, spring onions, carrots & PB!

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  8. Love them both! The bird looks very striking like he’s about to tell you a tale – or poop on your clothes! LOL! Very nice editing, I really should get back to that kind of thing, maybe in winter.

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