Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

Who is an essential worker? That is the question that the New South Wales Premier has refused to answer. Politics! Meanwhile, cases of the Delta variant grow in Sydney (Australia). The Premier is not personally to blame for the increase in cases, but it would be helpful if she could say who should stay at home under her government’s lockdown provisions. I am sure she will get around to it soon because she is a sensible woman. A few more people may have to die first before official advice is given.

I send all my love to family and friends in Sydney. Thinking of you. You can do this. My thoughts are also with all those in hospital at the moment and with the families who have lost loved ones to Covid.

Today, we need a big song. This is for everyone in Sydney and other parts of the world who are dealing with the horrors of Covid at the moment. The song is Hold The Line by Toto.

Stay safe, everyone.

Kind Regards.

Photo Credit: J Bar, Fairfield Railway Station, Wikimedia Commons

28 thoughts on “Hold The Line

  1. Great song choice! The world is not out of the woods yet!! Our province has completely dropped all restrictions…no masks, no distancing, no gathering limits…I continue to be cautious.

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      1. In Saskatchewan 76% have had first vaccine and 56% have had both vaccines. For all of Canada 46.9% are fully vaccinated. We could be doing much better.

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  2. It’s a tense time. I agree Gladys is a sensible woman. She hasn’t had the practice runs that Daniels has had. My husband noted the difference between the information imparted in their two press conferences. Victoria was all facts and clear info. NSW was more of a call to arms without the detailed info. I didn’t watch so I can’t comment. It’s a tough gig, that’s all. In my more forgiving moments I realize that most leaders are doing their human best. But it’s not easy. And they’re unlikely to please everyone.

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  3. The US is in the midst of a surge of the Delta variant among people who have refused to get vaccinated. I’m still staying away from other people. I think the virus is going to mutate again.

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    1. It’s inevitable. This virus is not going anywhere, Liz, so I wonder if we are vaccinated, we will all have to take some risks in future and hope that our vaccine will protect us from severe disease? I think there will be some quick, accurate home tests available in the future.


      1. I heard the vaccine doesn’t exactly stop you getting it, just makes it less severe. E interesting to see how the UK gets on when they lift all restrictions next week. With already 50000+ daily I shudder to think what will happen

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      2. I’ve cancelled my Astravenica shot due to the blood clot controversy, and gone on the waiting list for Pfizer as my Dad died from thrombosis complications and I had a heart attack a while back.

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