Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

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The Aussie softball team jetted into Japan earlier this week ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. They were the first international team to arrive and have set up in Ota City. Other Australian teams will follow in due course, and like the softball team, they will train in Covid-safe training bubbles. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) reckons the Games can be held safely despite the pandemic surging in Japan. The final say as to whether the Games go ahead rests with the IOC (see BBC article for discussion of the contractual arrangements). Apparently, the number of infections in Japan is lower than in other parts of the world. So, no probs. Let’s hope so.

For those who don’t know, the IOC has designated Brisbane (the state capital of Queensland, Australia) as the preferred candidate city for the 2032 summer games. There has been speculation that the IOC may announce the 2032 winning bid this July in Tokyo. The Queensland Premier has been readying herself to make a trip to Japan. She will be travelling without the PM though as he ruled out going to the games this week. That’s probably politically astute. Aussies under the doona will be breathing a sigh of relief that we aren’t hosting the games this year. Key to Australia’s success at suppressing Covid here has been stopping cases at our borders. Imagine having to explain to the Australian people why an international corporation should have the final say over our country’s border policy. Of course, we will all be out from under the doona and living with Covid by 2032. What could possibly go wrong?

Anyway, back to Japan. I am sure the Japanese people will be both excited and nervous about hosting the Games. I do wish them a safe and trouble-free event. In recognition of their sporting spirit and commitment, I’ve chosen this lovely traditional tune, Sakura, for my Friday song day. It is performed by Kasumi Watanabe, playing the koto. I hope you enjoy it.

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RDP Andante

18 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On

  1. Wouldn’t you just love for the politicians to get out of what’s supposed to be the great social unifier of the Olympic Games? And wouldn’t it be great for people to turn to science for info about health? And wouldn’t it be a terrific world if we could concentrate on watching talented young athletes compete to the best of their ability – and that would be ALL? Kasumi plays as if all that is possible.

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    1. That would be nice, Sharon. I’ve never viewed the Olympics as the friendly games. Sport is power. I can’t help thinking how devastating it must be for athletes to be criticised when the gold medal haul does not live up to community expectations, despite working their butts off.
      It is lovely to see young people embrace these traditional instruments.

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  2. Fascinating and beautiful music. Nice to see it and understand the instrument. I always enjoy watching the Olympics. I am so hopeful that everything will go as planned and the world can enjoy watching “together”.

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  3. Such beautiful music! Makes me think of enchanted forests and lakes, all covered in beautiful flowers and fairies… Around here the European Football Championship has just started yesterday, so sports fans are busy watching football at home or in beer gardens. No public viewing this year of course. The interesting bit is, that it’s all happening in eleven countries/cities, and not just in one country.
    I’m still amazed that both events – the Olypmics and the Chamopinship – are being held, but I guess, it’s something people need, especially after a long lockdown winter.

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  4. We regularly converse about the Tokyo Olympics in our household – on? off? who’s coming? who’s not. We are waiting waiting to see what happens.

    Lovely rendition of Sakura – I love the dramatic beginning, filled with anticipation.

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      1. I love the music you share, Tracy – some I know, which I love relistening, and some completely new (like Lee Riley, whom I’ve fallen in love with!).

        I really don’t know if they will be able to get all the requisite vaccination done on time, though. Less than a month to go ….


  5. Thanks for introducing me to such lovely music, Tracy. Sports is supposed to a great unifier but I have seen it dividing people too….
    Maybe we do need a great spectacle to raise our collective spirits…

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