Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you. I also have selected some blue and green themed photos for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. It seems appropriate to match the music to the photos. Let me know, is it a good match?

Blue and green are my absolute favourite colours. At least, I used to think that. These days my palette of favourite colours seems endless. However, like an old lover, I always come back to blue and green. I love them soft. I love them subtle.

In the early morning, soft blue adds highlights to dark bottle green.

Drab olive green is a prominent colour beyond the coastal fringe of Australia (at least on the east coast). You really have to be quite bright to stand out. A warm blue and a touch of red do the trick.

A pop of yellow provides accented lighting and shade provides tonal variation. Midnight blue complements the mid tone greens.*

Blue and green are the stars of the art in my house. However, since tiles feature in so many of the responses to the Lens-Artists challenge, I thought I should oblige with a mosaic. I had forgotten about it until the challenge triggered a memory. I had to find it and I did. I adapted a graphic (which was not my own original design) to create a piece of mosaic art for my walls. It is still waiting for me to find it a spot. It is much simpler than the mosaics I do now, but I do recall swearing a lot at the time I made it, so it can’t have been that easy.

It is all very serene, isn’t it? Hence the need for a serene song. I’ve chosen a piece composed by Ross Edwards, Voice Of The Rain. It is performed by shakuhachi master, Riley Lee, together with the Enigma Quartet. I am concerned that international readers may not be able to view this video. If not, may I suggest anything else by Riley Lee (eg. his Rainforest Reverie album which he has posted on Youtube). Good luck.

Life is complicated and distressing for many at the moment. Please take care, stay safe and be kind.

Kind Regards.

*The photo of the deciduous tree was taken by my True Love. All of the other photos are mine.

43 thoughts on “Serenity In Colour and Song

  1. This is beautiful, Tracy…and I loved the music. No problem with the video. And the sun will shine tomorrow.


  2. I couldn’t access the video from here, but I was able to find it. It is very serene. Of this group of photos, the first one is my favorite. It’s an unusual shade of blue against the bottle green. I hope you’re able to find a good spot for your mosaic. It turned out very well (despite the swearing).

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  3. Fabulous piece of music – really east meets west!

    Stand up paddling really is catching the world by storm! I first came across this on Debbie’s site at Travel with Intent. Then I started noticing it on other people’s sites. And then I actually came across a couple stand up paddling with their dog pal.

    My favourite image is the first one … with dawn breaking through the trees. Perfect image for the music!

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    1. Hi, Ju-Lyn. I bet stand-up paddling is harder than it looks. I was really surprised by how many people were out and about at that early hour. It was a whole new world to me!
      I’m relieved you were able to access the video. The regional block seems to apply to the Americas.


  4. Good morning Tracy (or whatever time it is in your world). Loved your response to this one, especially your serene morning and your beautiful tile. Definitely find a place to use it!! The song was indeed unavailable to me. Enjoy your day!

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    1. Thanks, Lani. I’ve been thinking about you. I hope you are doing okay?
      Re the mosaic. It depends on the subject and where it might be hung. I don’t do huge murals because I work in a small space and already it is difficult to do too much without killing my back or neck. I think about 60cm on one axis is my limit. If I’m doing a couple of small birds, I’ll work on a 20cm x 20cm space. The flower mosaic here is 30 x 30cm. The current one with the octopus and woman is 40 x 40cm. I am not working on that one at the moment. Too sore and too cold for the glue.

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      1. Thanks for asking. I’m well. Keeping busy, trying to do more movement (since we’re primarily indoors) and potentially have some good news in the near future.

        Hope you take good care of yourself. Hate hearing about aches and pains. xo

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  5. Your photos and the song are a perfect match, Tracy! Also love greens and blues in every shade – such calming colours. I could never decide on a favourite colour though – it also changes with my mood. Generally I’d say I love them all. 😀 Your flower mosaic should definitely find a home in your home soon – it’s so pretty! But then I’m quite bad at finding places for my art on the walls as well, so I can’t really blame you. 😉 Hope you’ll soon feel better to continue your work at your octopus/woman mosaic!!

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